Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Harriet had a haircut the other day.  This is the before photo.  I was planning on taking an after photo but there incident.  It was hard to take a photo when Harriet was sobbing behind a slammed door.  Turns out that sometimes you learn the lesson of "Sit still when having your hair cut" a little harder than you might otherwise choose to learn it.

Actually the new haircut looks tres awesome.  I was deliberately trying to give her just a little trim, but ending up having to make it crazy short, but I'm glad I did in a way.  I'm not very adventurous with hair and seeing how Harriet likes to eschew adventure herself, it's refreshing to have to embrace it when forced.

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JennieMo said...

I used to hate having my haircut...and my mother would have never dared to attempt cutting it herself. She used to love my hair cut super short. Until one ay I threw a huge fit when a bunch of old ladies called me a boy. LOL!! Never had short hair unless my choice since the age of 6. LOL!! You are one brave woman! She looks well done!