Sunday, November 04, 2012

Glasses and Drawings And Sunflowers

 So here is a photo of one of the sunflowers I mentioned before.  Gorgeous, huh? This was taken with the lens I had to hire for a shoot while my other one was in being repaired.  I only had it at home for an hour or so so there wasn't much of a chance to snap anything at all really.

But I did manage to wrangle a shot of Teddy in his new glasses for the curious among you.  He's taken to the whole process really well - he remembers (most of the time) to pop them back on if he's had to taken them off for any reason, keeps them (reasonably) clean, and now that we had them adjusted, manages to keep them up near his eyes without looking over the top of them.

In the report from the behavioural optometrist, it was mentioned that children with poor sight tend to shy away from doing fine motor activity such as writing and/or drawing.  Well Ted certainly fit this definition, and it was a pleasant surprise when in the week since he started wearing his glasses, he went on a crazy drawing rampage (not unlike Picasso, I'm sure).  These are pretty much his first drawings that are something and something recognisable at that.


If you click on the images you can see the descriptions as I was told them.  I loved watching him draw about five or so drawings in a row with a real passion and enthusiasm for the task.  The only time I helped him was when he asked me to guide his hand when drawing the petals on the sunflower on a lead in this last illustration.  Love how he very specifically includes his bottom in these drawings.  As did Harriet way back in the day, although that drawing was from when she was two and a month or so.

And inspired by naughty shorts, I whipped out the vintage Contact I found at an op shop about a year ago and had no idea what to do with.  Here it is - the new cover for the little red table Ted loves to eat his breakfast at.  Because it's Contact and not wallpaper, it does have a slightly less than perfect adhesive quality.  So I'm a bit hesitant to also cover the seat of the chair which sees a lot of butt traffic.

I've taken photos on my new, repaired, happy lens which I'll post up soon.  But as happens, I've had this post sitting here for a few days now and needed to get it up and out. 


Regan M said...

Wow! How amazing to see such an obvious change, those pictures are so cute! :-)

Lou said...

I agree. Awesome drawings Teddy! I'm getting used to those glasses already. They're not too bad at all Cass. I'm sure you'll stop seeing them very soon.

How goes the pox? Waiting for a blogpost, hint hint!