Friday, October 19, 2012

Tragic News

 What is so tragic?  Oh dear - the worst news possible.  My camera has died.  Well, it was my lens, really.  The collar needs replacing and it's a tidy sum of $400-odd to have it fixed.  Insert sob here.

So in order to get over the lack of images, I thought I'd post a few from back in the good ole days, when I was with-camera.

This is my favourite skirt that I made a couple of months ago now.  It's from the tablecloth I bought in Bathurst and made from this pattern.  It really is a great pattern and the soft barkcloth tablecloth suits it so well.  I'm pleased I went to the trouble of pinning the hem with the blue edge.  Because its selvedge side up I didn't even have to worry about folding it over.  Too easy!

 Ted is his usual indefatigable self.  He has been prescribed glasses - bifocals even.  Of course the frames are purple.  In a moment of white hot horror I was shown these glasses by the ophthalmologist, but when we saw the specialist optometrist (who was MUCH better and gave us a MUCH more intense and thorough investigation of Ted's strabismus).  I was near tears at the thought of having to try and find Ted under that mound of facial plastic every day.  Sure, he has a personality crazy full of intensity and spark but hey - have you *clicked* on that link above?  Did you *see* those glasses?  He'd look like he's licking windows, seriously.

So yeah.  NOT getting those.  You'll see them soon enough (and often enough, he has to wear them all the time) and I don't need a whole lot of discussion about them.  Seriously - I will hate them no matter what they look like.  I like looking at Ted's face.  His face, not the glasses in front of them.  I don't need consolation (read: pity).  If your child had glasses, would you be thrilled?  Hmmm... And this is coming from a person who has avowedly sought out males with glasses her whole dating life.  Honestly.  I LOVE glasses.  Just not on Ted.

When James told Harriet that Ted required glasses, she burst into tears.  Not quite why you'd expect though.  She was upset that we love him more and that she was being neglected because she needs glasses.  Which she does.  She has a similar issue to Ted but it's not as dramatic, so I guess we'll be a family of lint free cloths soon.

What's even cuter than the notes that start to appear when your child learns to write?  The notes they start writing in another language.  Adorable!  It's very tricky to see because Harriet outlined it in highlighter, but this is a note she wrote to us in Hiragana.  It says something like I love you Mama and Papa or something. I don't know because I can't speak the language.  How cool is that?!  And today a teacherat school stopped me to let me know how she was impressed with the maths Harriet was doing in class - apparently she's multiplying fractions with ease.  As James pointed out, I'm sure I learnt that in early high school or at least late primary.  I guess that's why we're going broke - the school really does keep her stimulated and challenged and she really loves it. 

And so that's it.  No more photos.  Luckily I snapped a shot of Ted's magnificent apple tree drawing the other day on Harriet P&S, so we have that for posterity.  I'll try to upload it here soon.  So I'm going to apologise in advance for the cruddy photos I'll be posting for the next couple of weeks.  I think I'll cry into my tea. *splash*

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funkylamb said...

I'm sure any of your photos taken on a dodgy point-n-shoot will still be better than most of those taken by we mere mortals. Would the repair be tax-deductable?