Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Free

So here it is - photo free blogging.  Hold tight.

We've all been having a super awesome week this past week.  We planted dwarf sunflower seeds just before we left for Perth; when we flew out they were tiny little four-leafed things, hesitant and unsure.  One week later when we returned they had transformed into bold, dynamic members of the garden, confidently swaying and posturing.  And now the huge flower buds in the centre, that have been teasing us and full of promise for so long have burst open to reveal their incredibly cartoon-like perfection within. photos.

Ted got the call the other day that his glasses were ready.  So off we traipsed on our first free day in recent history (seriously).  With nothing to do we had of course moved ourselves up to the local school fair (you may recall I am slightly obsessed with them and more than miffed that the children's school doesn't hold them) and then on to the optometrist.  I realised when we arrived that Ted has a similar issue to Harriet - no bridge to his nose.  We will have to go back and get them adjusted this week because he spends approximately 70% of his time wearing them pushing them back up to his eyes.  They look ok I guess.  See previous post for my opinion on Ted wearing glasses. photos.

Minutes before dinner the other night, in an attempt to stave off yet another whining demand for food, I drew up a treasure map for Ted of our backyard.  It was so incredibly popular that he barely sat down to eat.  On second thoughts I honestly don't think he did sit down to eat at all.  I think he stood and ate a couple of slices of pineapple as he went about his way reliving the thrill of following the map over and over again.  That was one very popular treasure map. photos.

Yesterday we went to Iris' third birthday party, where the children all converged on the trampoline and Harriet rounded them up into various games, one after the other.  Then, when it was time to go and see Chanelle on stage at Petersham, Ted ran up and stood at the gate ready to leave, yelling at me to HURRY UP.  In no way was he going to miss even the shortest amount of Chanelle on stage action! I think it's safe to call her his first crush.  In fact when she got up on stage he was so overwhelmed with love and excitement that he alternated between bursting into tears and storming the stage.  Beatles eat your heart out!  The Petersham Bowling Club experience has been less Partridge Family and more Addams Family for us - you may remember me posting images of Harriet tucked up in a corner with her jumper tied around her ears.  However last night we managed to cajole and entertain the children (welll...truth be told they entertained themselves with lots of fun games and running around) so that we were able to scrape in a full visit.  We stayed until the last band played - huzzah!  And yes the last band was The Shouties and yes there may have been dancing and yes I did have a few ciders and yes I still got up at 5.30am for my run. photos (perhaps for the best).

And in between all of that we've all been skipping along with life.  Harriet and Ted have been playing particularly beautifully together.  Ted and Harriet have both been enjoying their violin practice.  And although there are no photos, suffice to say we've been having a lovely couple of weeks, despite me seeing beautiful photos-to-be in every nook and cranny.

And writing this post has made me realise I should call up Canon and berate them for selling inferior goods see if they've replaced the collar on my lens yet.


Jimbo said...

I can attest to the traumatic nature of the no camera for Cass - she's been actually taking photos on her phone...

Lou said...

On her phone? I don't believe it for a second. Never have I witnessed her do THAT! Desperate times huh....