Saturday, October 13, 2012

Perth Again

 So where were we?  I don't think it can be overstated that Ted was just not himself during the trip to Perth.  Sure, he had moments of being happy, then manic, then quiet, just like at home.  But all of these states were tempered by his extreme tiredness at all times; so much so that we even encouraged him to have a daytime nap, just to try and reach an equilibrium.

There were few moments where the two children played happily together.  When they do it's so delicious.  I love hearing them negotiate the direction of the play and who's pretending to be whom and all manner of cute detail that comes with their games.  I always try to make sure I've a secret stash of little figures whenever we go somewhere for an extended period, because it's play that they revel in and always return to easily.

There were adventures to Kings Park with Anne, where Ted devoured oranges as if he was Janette Winterson, and Harriet negotiated large dinosaurs and crocodiles (as did Ted).  There were a couple of school groups there and the teenage girls skulked around us miserably as Ted, blissfully unaware of his impact on their socialising, exhorted "More pushing Mama!  MORE!".

The weather was, as I mentioned, springlike.  Freezing cold one day and 31 degrees the next.  Luckily both of the young ones seem impervious to the cold, but even so we did go through our entire wardrobe to cover all weather experiences.  

There were a few things I learnt while in Perth which I thought I'd put out there.

1. When in Perth, do not hand over a ten dollar note for anything.  It will not be enough.  No, seriously.  Even babycinos cost $11.75.  Soy ones do, anyway.

2.  If someone ever lived in Perth, passed through Perth, or had a second cousin live in Perth, they will eternally be referred to as "WA author/personality/public figure".

3. Apparently it's not worth painting the exterior of any building in Perth.  Some shops looked as though they hadn't had any love and care for a decade at least.

4.  They still sell spearmint milk.  I held it away from my body betwixt forefinger and thumb, should it touch me in any way, before handing it over to the enthused James.  

5. Adventureworld is a seriously great entertainment park.  They have a whole area sectioned off for small children, with rides and water play that are perfectly pitched for them.  Ted and Harriet had the time of their lives in that place.  I remember doing the same when I was younger!

6.  Next time you need to film a ghost town, just head to Fremantle.  Never mind all those remote locations and expensive travel requirements, Freo offers all the open, wide, empty streets one could ever need.

7.  Op shopping in a different city is thrilling - until you realise that they offer much less a 70s and before bounty and instead offer up a more 80s onward choice; although finding a Dean & Sons edition Enid Blyton for 50c was something that would never have happened in Sydney.

 8.  Fairies live in Perth as well.  Or fairys.  

9.  Perth offers vinegar and pickled onions at their fish and chip shops. As all good fish and chip shops should.  Pick up the game, Sydney!

10.  Merging in Perth requires patience.  As does sitting at the traffic lights.  It could encourage me to take up knitting at the wheel.

11. A week goes by really quickly.  I guess that's not Perth specific though.


12.  When you go out at night, on a Sunday of the long weekend, you can still park essentially right at the door of where you're going to in Subiaco.  And when you come out the streets will be deserted.  I'm not talking one or two cars - I'm talking NO CARS seriously AT ALL.  ANYWHERE.

13. Living with grandparent babysitting near by really opens up your evening social life options.  We could go out.  As a couple.  Together!  Of course we didn't actually have anything to say to each other. 

14.  There seems to be a surprisingly low use of mulch anywhere.  An odd thing to notice I guess, but because the soil there is sand, it was really noticeable.  Plus I've noticed since returning that everywhere near us is mulched, so it must have just been an unconscious standard set.

15.  Surprising your father is fun.  Surprising him a night too early is less fun for him (and Lee.  Poor Lee!).

16.  Lawn bowls is the sport of the future.  

17.  Running on really flat ground isn't as fast or fun as I was hoping for.  I prefer the hills of Marrickville (although it's true I was less concerned about impending assault whilst running around Bibra Lake by comparison).

18. After spending 48hrs straight with our children, you could see the grandparents realise just to what extent we mean when we say "Our children eat a LOT".  Filling and draining their fridge over each 24hr period was not just my imagination.

19.  Perth sun is bright.  White bright.  Different bright.  Scary bright.

20.  There is no way we could afford to live the lifestyle we do in Sydney, in Perth.  No way at all, ever.  It's expensive.  Where's the $7.50 Thai lunch?  


So there was no major vehicle accident, which was a nice blessing.  And as if to remind me I thwarted the status quo, I had my bag with wallet stolen/lost the Saturday before we left so that we had to change all the house locks (and goodbye $200 inside as well).  No fun.  Worse part of it all was that it was the deliciously perfect wallet that Lou had made me and which had been admired by many when I would bring it out.  

Since we've been back, it's been busy busy busy.  Big surprise, I know.  I'm hoping to post again soon about our little moves around the domestic environs and some fun changes happening here. 

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Lou said...

So many lovely photos in there. I can see though that Ted was tired, poor fellow. Love your list!