Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Quiet

It's all pretty quiet over here in our neck of the woods which is good, because August is shaping up to be totally insane.  I'm taking my quiet time with a lot of attention and mindfulness. 

So with not much to share, I thought I'd share a few links I've been watching and enjoying lately.

It is probably about as surprising as me hating the Olympics, to know that I like this song.

And it's definitely as surprising as knowing I like a good hot mug of chai to know I enjoy this ditty as well (but not the video - because I'm hardhearted and black inside).

And I can't wait to buy Harriet The Universe next payday. 

I found this website that makes me drool and when I saw this recipe I pretty much lunged at the screen.  Luckily our in house yoghurt maker took my hint and committed this to memory.  I'll show you in the next post what my sweet yoghurt maker has produced of late.  He's also managed to reduce our yoghurt bill down to only about $0.80 per litre - we eat a lot of yoghurt so let me tell you, that is extraordinary.

I've also enjoyed stumbling upon this blog and if you'd care to click on her 'Mind Jar' link in the right hand side bar, you'll see what you're getting for Festivus if you have a child.  I've made it my gift de rigeur this year.

And for someone who currently has a big box of fruit and vegetables sitting on the kitchen bench, I'm taking a rather relaxed approach to putting it away.  I think it's been there for around three hours now.  But I've been enjoying some ABC iview watching tonight, what with James at trivia.  Judge me!


The other day we all drove down to a beach with awesome shells.  I have no idea what it was actually called, but it shall forever now be known as Shell Beach.  We ran like lunatics, laughing through the rain.  Fun, cold and exhilarating. And I just found out I didn't know how to spell exhilarating.  Disgusting behaviour! 


Lou said...

Oh yes, thanks for reminding me! I used to follow Here We Are Together but stopped when all my bookmarked blogs got deleted early this year.

That saffron desert yoghurt sounds divine, please invite me over when James makes it :)

Jimbo said...

"Shell Beach" (which I think is actually called North Beach) is here: