Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WIndows, Friends, a Box, a Stick and a Ball

 Saturday already feels like sooo long ago!  Luckily I took photos so I can remember it.  James has had a huge project at work rolling out and it has kept him very entertained (read: just plain ole busy).  Saturday was the day to go in and work his butt off, and Harriet, in a very sweet demonstration of her love, wanted to go in with James to his office for the day.  This left Ted and I at a bit of a loose end - normally Saturdays are spent off at choir down at Hickson Rd but, with the Writers Festival being held there, choir was cancelled in order to make room for everyone.  
Ah yes, so here we are, Ted and I, back at home.  And I decided I'd include Ted in all of my domestic duties (oh how very 50s of me).  The duty of interest was...window washing.  Ted grappled me for the window cleaner (read: body-tackled me to the ground), and attacked those windows with a gusto they hadn't seen in a very long time (*ahem*).  He cleaned the back doors, the kitchen windows, the lounge room windows and the bedroom window.  I had to follow him, newspaper in hand,with the precision and quick skills of a hunting owl to catch his highly enthusiastic squirting of the cleaner.

And then, what joy, Lou asked if Ted and I wanted to catch up!  Hooray!  I had wanted to call her myself, but thought it might be a bit embarrassing to contact her YET AGAIN.  Lou did mention that  it had been a couple of days after all and it's so warm and snuggly to let your friends know how much you love hanging out with them.  
So then Lou came over but, before she did, Ellie from across the road popped in and stayed for a tea.  I love our little street, there are so many lovely people on it and many of us have young children too, which works well for dropping in (that is, we all have homes set up for children).  After Ellie an estate agent came in to value our home (not that we can afford to move, but it's a nice pipe dream considering how much we need extra room), and then Lou, Dex and Hugo came running in.  Lou was carrying the coffees, so she did run a little more carefully than the young ones, truth be told.

And so we spent the afternoon lazing in the sweet, full autumnal sun as the boys played around us.  Not only were we able to converse, we even finished some conversations!  It was incredible!  Ah, what a glorious way to spend an afternoon.  The farewell was peppered with acrobatics (as always!) as you can see.  
And with the farewelling of our friends, emerged the reintroduction of the window cleaner.  Squirt!  Squirt!  Having exhausted our window options in the house, we moved outside to the car and Ted washed each window with a meticulous enthusiasm preschoolers excel at.  
The rest of the afternoon?  Well I was sweeping down the side of the house, where Ted found a box and a ball.  He brought down a bamboo pole from the backyard we have there for play and...well...what more does a child need?  There was a game and some rules and by the end of it we had yelled out "Goal!" and "Trap!", created a rock collection, found a shell and realised by the end of it all that Ted had gone the whole day without the slightest hint of need for a sleep.  
James and Harriet came home late and we indulged in local pizza.  Harriet eats pizza in, truly, the most disgusting manner I have ever seen.  Let it be known that I take apart my sandwiches and eat all of the ingredients separately, so I'm already coming from a place of low standards.

Then on Sunday we all had a totally awesome day geocaching, but I'll write about that tomorrow I think.

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