Monday, May 07, 2012

Fridays are Violin Days

We start at home.  With violin lessons given by Tori Spooner (aka Teddy) and attended by Alice (aka me).  You can see here his interpretation of 'play position feet' is rather liberal once the passion takes hold.

We then move on to the lesson itself in the afternoon.  We stay.  He plays.  We walk away.

Then it's "flat man time" at Double Roasters around the corner.  Flat men?  To you, that's a shortbread man.

We wait in the sun. 

Once the drinks arrive, we walk down to the car in order to pick up Harriet in a timely fashion.

This has happened twice.  However I feel the grips of tradition closing in tightly.  Very tightly.  Very, very quickly.

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