Sunday, April 15, 2012


 The little op shop that I love has yet again yielded some lovely finds.  It was on our way to the paediatrician to receive some information about his readings of the EEG and the MRI date, and I thought I could do with my version of retail therapy - this entailed me elbow deep in musty smelling linen.  I've only been to that shop a handful of times but even so, upon entering the woman behind the counter said to me as I passed by "There are some sheets down the back I think you'll like".  And she was right. 

But even better was that when I came to the counter there she was, pricing up some fabric bundles, including this gorgeous original vintage fabric.  Quite heavy, about three metres of it I think, but I'm not too sure.  And she asked if I wanted it and lo and behold I did!  And because I didn't have enough money I received it for all of $2!  Woot!

Then today was the inaugral local markets.  Touted as an 'original style trash and treasure market' I was expecting many more moving boxes stuffed with old electrical equipment than I saw.  However I found this big box stuffed with crappy old clothes on top and then on digging deeper I found a little oasis of embroidered goodies.  That little beauty off to the side is a square tablecloth made of heavy linen and absolutely stunning embroidery, as well as four matching serviettes - the whole pile cost me the princely sum of $8.

Today Ted wrote his name for the first time!  The only part I helped him with was the straight line in the 'e', but the rest was by his own free hand.  Since it was written on a card meant for Nana and Grandpa I managed to swipe a photo before it got scrunched down to a tiny ball "to fit in a plane to go to Perth".  Much smoothing later I'm hoping it can survive the trip.

And speaking of trips, the three of us that don't need to front up for responsible looking work tomorrow get a chance to go on a road trip to stay with Lou and her family in her original family home in the country.  On acreage!  And with a bonfire all ready to go!  We had to acquire boots for the children and here you can see Ted - all booted up and ready to go, but once told it was still around 24hrs away he fell to the floor, writhing with the emotional anguish of it all, screaming "NO!  No, I must go to the country RIGHT NOW!  And where's my rockmelon?".  Ah, the inconsistencies holding up a three year old's tenuous emotional stability.  He managed to fall forehead-first into the back of a shopping trolley this evening, requiring a long and tedious wait at the emergency department in order to have it glued together.  By the time he was seen my awesome efforts at minimising the lesion had succeeded and he barely needed the glue at all.  There are definitely better ways to spend three hours.

And damn hospitals.  So when I spoke to the paed about Harriet, he was going to see if she can get seen quicker by moving to Bankstowm Hospital.  I still haven't heard back, so I'll see, but he did seem to be much less concerned about the possibility of a lesion than he did last time we spoke.  He said the chance of there being a significant lesion was very low after nothing at all showed up on the EEG (it obviously is a machine that doesn't register the 'crazy as a loon and obsessed about showtunes' brain waves that we are privy to), so his worries about there being a tumour or scar tissue are minimal, but we still need to go through with the MRI just in case.  Bummer.

So tomorrow morning we're blowing this Sydney pop stand and making for the wide open road and the even wider open country at the other end of it.  I hope to be back soon to report on open pastures, bonfires, star-riddled skies, sunflare photography happiness and golden evenings.  I have also packed two bottles of wine - because you know, there are going to be four children after all.  And I am but human, people, open paddocks or no.


Freyja said...

Ahhh I have to admit to being a little bit green eyed about those linens, I have NEVER had any luck finding lovely linens like that in op shops and My Gran used all of hers as bandages over the years... damn her frugal resourcefulness!
I'm glad the paed is a little less concerned about Harriet now, and I hope the MRI shows there's nothing to be concerned about at all.
Enjoy the country, and the wine.
I look forward to seeing what you see through your camera lens

Mr Shell said...

Strange to think of you visiting my home turf Cass - can't wait to see the photos. Sometimes Norfolk feels SO FAR AWAY. Oh wait. IT IS! Have fun with Lou and crew.

Zoe said...

I know exactly which op shop you are talking about lady! See you on the weekend maybe?