Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Thousand Words

 Sometimes, as much as I'd like to think otherwise, photos just don't cut the mustard as far as telling the story goes.  Please use the following examples as cases in point.

 This photo versus...

...this video.

Unfortunately the video to accompany this photo shows a little more than desired when Ted finishes his solo.  Must make this child wear pants more often!  However let me just fill in the photo a little - see that Chinese Checkers lid next to the floor tom?  Well it's made of metal and when you bang it with a mallet, the sound is not that dissimilar to the sound of a cymbal.  And thus the first drum kit is borne.

This is Ted being Stef.  I am usually Chanelle - that is, until Ted decides he wants to bang the floor tom randomly himself, so then we swap roles.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Look here for clarification.  We literally play Agnes Kain - the Real Life Game, ooh, about ten times a day.  Ted will just randomly wander up to me during the day, hand me the toy microphone (ie: I am to be Chanelle) or his ukelele (ie: I am to be Stef) and say "C'mon Mama, come in to the playroom now" where he has the cd paused, ready to play once we're in position.  Or he will literally run from the back door to the front door half naked, yelling the lyrics to Puddles and Mud, then as he runs past the floor tom, bang it with the mallet he's wielding. 

I'm pretty sure if I was to take a sneak peek into Ted's brain it would be a running litany of music and lyrics...with the occasional cheeky grin thrown in for good measure.

So what's happening with this photo?


Ted decided to help out Warragamba Dam and engage in some inside water play.  Truth be told the sinks were actually overflowing but I decided to play responsible mother for a moment and empty the sinks a little before running to get my camera.  I know, highly out of character.

And for completion, it must be said that sometimes not even the video itself can tell the whole story.

Take this photo... it to this video:

and then compare it to this video:

He had been playing this musical game for about twenty minutes before I took that first video.  Seriously.  He is just in his element playing these musical games.  Thank goodness for video.

But this is a photo that says it all:


Anonymous said...

great pics!! it linked to your youtube flix what is the name of that song butterly on my nose?? great singer would love to know the artist thanks

Kimberley said...

How ridiculously cute.
He has rhythm! Wouldn't know that from looking at a picture either...