Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Ted!

Oh Ted.  How we love you.  

Welcome to three.  You're totally going to rock it.


Lou said...

That he is, that he is!

jay said...

Oh beautiful Ted, we love love love you. What an amazing little human you are. Happy Birthday beautiful.
mwah. Jay, Scott, Poe and Ilo
Hope you loved your pillow. xxxxx

casso said...

We opened it yesterday afternoon after the party. Lisa came over late and we were all chatting and he opened her present. Then we were talking about you and I thought that would be the perfect time to open it, with your presence 'there'.

He loved it! You can see it made it out to dinner with us too. He then eschewed his normal pillow, and pronounced all other pillows substandard and that is now his 'proper pillow'. Gorgeous! Thank you lovely. x

jay said...

oh so happy, that is wonderful, darling one. is his party next weekend?

casso said...

No, it was yesterday. It was quite possibly the most stressful party ever! Which was weird because it was definitely the most relaxed lead-up to a party I've ever had. Then today I've sprouted hives and have cold symptoms so maybe it was just overwhelming because I was subclinical?

jay said...

the most stressful party ever!!???? WHAT happened? oh darling one, and hives and cold like symptoms to you, hmmm, that is not good. xxx

JennieMo said...

Happy birthday, Ted! Casso....I have it in my head he is March that cause he was a wee bit early!

Big hugs...and oh...I have March 19 booked out for quilting o-rama day! So...get your projects ready! :)