Monday, January 02, 2012

Photo A Day January is Here!

Well it's been a crazy December.  I'll try to catch it up in here, but I also don't want to leave you without our annual January daily experience.  I invite you all to join in too.  The challenge is simple, really.  Take a photo each day in January.  Now of course I like to add my own verbose touch, but you can leave it at a photo if you like.

 1st of January:
So yay, PAD is here again!

The last few weeks here have been rather fraught.  Ted had an incredibly severe urticaria reaction to some essential oils and about 90% of his body was covered twice or three times over in deep welts.  Horrid.

Then it was Christmas, and all that it entails and then Ted contracted hand foot and mouth.  He hasn't slept for the past four nights, hasn't eaten for the past four days and has literally grizzled and cried All. Day. Long.  As much as you care, and as much as you worry, seriously by yesterday I had carer's fatigue and was OVER it.  Jan and Mike, over here from Perth for the break, looked after the children while James and I partyed it on until after 12 last night, so I woke up tired but a little rejuvenated today.  

It also looks as though Ted is finally on the mend.  This evening he finally ate his first meal and only screamed with pain every fifth bite or so, but he valiantly wolfed down his bean nachos from the local pub from pure hunger I think if nothing else.

I'm hoping this means tomorrow he will be a-ok.  Fingers crossed!  It also means he his currently sitting on my lap playing and writhing while I type this but he'll eventually go to sleep and so will I and tomorrow will be a new day.
The worst thing about today was it was Jan and Mike's last night with us.  We went out for yummy pub food and the children got the chance to run riot in the beer garden.  Harriet has a peculiar ability to savour the piece of lime from a drink for...well, I think this specific wedge lasted her close to forty minutes.  She can also nurse a square of chocolate for about an hour.  No, this is not an exaggeration.

2nd of January:
Well last night I didn't get the sleep reprieve I was hoping for.  Bummer.  Just before he got sick I had night weaned Ted (quite effortlessly too), but went back to feeding at night what with the sickness and all.  However last night I re-instated the 'Zero Ah-Moe' rule (he calls bfing 'ah-moe').

Oh man - the screaming and flailing of limbs!  The fury and the sadness!  Harriet sleeps above him in her single bunk and, to truly indicate just how tired she is, she did. not. wake. up.  Seriously, Ted woke up James in the front room with his wailing and he sleeps like a log.  Harriet woke up feeling quite refreshed, thank you very much.  :)

So with the stunning weather Sydney finally decided to display, we went for a walk to our local water play park.  Harriet rode her bike.  It was awesome - she still needs a little push to get going and was over-correcting with her steering when we started out today but by the time we were heading home, she was on top of it all 

There was a small stack on the way home, requiring a bandaid as we walked in the door.  And we all decided, as you do when you're inner-city nerds like us, that all can be fixed with a quick stop off at a cafe.  So off we drove to our favourite cafe.

And again my children found a way to turn a 100m walk into a forty minute singing, dancing extravaganza.  Ted put on a full show of interpretative dance.  Harriet threw her body around in appreciation.  Ted then moved on to belting out both verses of our national anthem, complete with an immediate need for all of us (oh yes, ALL of us) to dance along.  My foot shuffling was reprimanded and he showed me how to pick my feet up off the ground to do 'real dancing'.  Luckily there were only...hmmm...forty odd passers by at this point.

Parenthood.  Definitely not a sport for the weak.

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jay said...

so glad that you are back in business, with a photo per day no least...yay. what a full on time you have been having, will have to continue our phone conversation soon. you know if you need a little much love to you all. we miss you