Sunday, January 29, 2012

29th of January

Not long to go with my PAD now!  

Today was our second party in a row.  And at least three, four or twenty seven times times I found myself thinking NO MORE!  On the way home we had a little discussion with Harriet.  Actually scrap that - James told her (gently) that in the future we will be dropping her off at parties for her friends.

Why?  Well one because she is old enough and has asked for it.  And for two, it's too much for Ted.  In the last 48hrs he has eaten so much refined white sugar that he was basically a mess.  And I hate exposing him to that and getting him all out of whack.

Plus children's parties are just not that much fun for the adults.  We have to supervise them not jumping queues, running off into traffic, interacting with new/younger/aggressive/taller/smaller children.  We have to console when there aren't enough lollipops in the pinata, then (internally) lament when one is actually found in the take home bag.  we have to stand around with parents we don't know making small talk, as we wistfully watch other adults kicking back in nearby parks under trees with books.

And the kicker is that this year Ted may start to receive his own invitations to parties.  Now if you consider that we've already attended three birthday parties and we're not even out of January yet, you can imagine the state of cold horror my psyche is enduring at the thought of doubling that experience.  

So yep, Operation Party Drop Off has begun.

At the end of it all, a relaxing bath would have been wonderful. School starts tomorrow and washed hair, clean bodies and a calm state of mind would have been perfect.  Instead they splashed like loons, Ted was naked during dinner and dropped most of his curry and rice over his washed body and Harriet was still worked up about her king and queen game (based on these funky crowns they received as the take home present from today's party).

Happy Birthday Everyone!  I'm yelling it from the rooftops here, from my safe spot at home.  That's got to last everyone all year.  Soak it up.  Now we enter sugar de-tox.


jay said...

ahh that bath picture was worth it all. phew that sounds super exhausting, that sugar low is going to be rough. xx

Lou said...

I'm hearing you on the refined sugar thing. We had a b'day party this afternoon and my boys are totally feral this evening...and it'll likely carry over into tomorrow. The aftermath is just not worth it is it?

Love the bath picture too. Xx