Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24th of January

Lookie at me - I made this!  Yep, here's the skirt I made yesterday.  It has pockets, topstitching, a waistband, a side zipper and looks like a real skirt.  Yikes!  I'm pretty happy with it, all things considering. I was planning on a contrasting yellow floral hem but left it too late.  Oh well, I have this fantastic tablecloth I found at the Salvos on the weekend that I'm planning on converting into a skirt now I have this one under my belt.

I had the camera on a tripod and used the self timer to take a couple of test photos for focus.  Ted came out (the sound of a mechanical whir and button click is enough to send him running at breakneck speed to intercept the electrical activity) and was thrilled to see the tripod in use.  He took the top one of me and then insisted on a couple of run-ins together.  He totally set them up and told me where and how to stand.  He is delicious!  Just after this photo I ate him up whole.  *burp*

James is always the one lamenting what's happening about bedtime when it comes around to 7.30-ish.  So riddle me this - why did James bring out the electronic circuit kit we bought Harriet for Christmas at 7.30 tonight?  Never fear, the end result was excitement (James was on par with Harriet).  Harriet kept running excitedly in to me to show me each new circuit.  She then insisted on me filming her instructional video on how to construct a circuit (let me save you the five minutes she spend on camera - apparently you read the back of the box.  That's some fascinating viewing).


jay said...

that skirt is totally awesome, you look HOT! what pattern did you use. the pockets were particularly amazing, go you.

Lou said...

Yep, ditto what Jay said. I want that pattern!