Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fifteen Years

Fifteen Years.  Can you believe that we've been married for fifteen years?

I can.  I love ya Jimbo.  It's been a great ride! 

And here's to this week ending sometime soon.  Because
a.) I'm tired
b.) the children won't go to sleep before 10pm
c.) I have a lot of work to do
d.) we have a new foundling kitten and he's cute and I want to play with him when the children are asleep

Isn't it mean to leave you without a photo of Pepper, our new (unexpected surprise) family member?  But I am really tired, behind in life and blogging and, as a result of working hard to catch up tonight, must instead leave you to imagine a sweet, very small grey tabby cat stuffed into the undercarriage of a car.


jay said...

oh i felt all teary about your anniversary, so wonderful, congratulations. i love love. it is my mum and dad's anniversary today, 39 years, wowsers. would love to see pepper, but must wait. ho hum, tap tap tap.......

Lou said...

Happy anniversary you two! Can't wait to meet Pepper. Kids have been asking to drop by to see him....been too busy busy busy. Hopefully soon though. Sending some early night sleepy vibes to your children so you can get some work done!

Kimberley said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations on your new fluffy friend :)