Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Three Letter Words with T-E-D

So Ted has decided to read.  He can read any phonetic three letter words confidently because he just sounds them out, but so far doesn't do it unless he's asked.  It seems a bit earlier than Harriet, but I'll have to go back and check. He sounds out words too, when he's speaking, for example in the car the other day he said "Let's go home now, huh-oh-mmm", which I guess really helps him sound out the letters on the page.  Since Harriet didn't really use phonics and just stepped into whole-word reading, it's a new approach for us and a lot of fun (it's handy because I can say a word and ask Harriet what type of word it is - verb/noun - and ask Ted what letter it starts with. Dual-level education with one word, bonus!).
As if to make sure we were aware of his latest jump (which, I may add, has coincided with an insatiable desire to stay up much later than he's physically capable of and much later than I'm happy with; don't these children realise I have a lot of *stuff* to do at night?!), the other night James said to me "That's why I bought the see-oh-arr-en" and Ted, without missing a bit, pipes up with "Oh, can I have some corn?!".  I mean - huh?  REALLY?  You think I'm joking but we were both there, two witnesses!

Anyhow, he's a pretty hilarious, happy, crazy, kamikaze little guy.  Gawd, we love him.  I love him a lot more at 7pm than I do at 10pm when he's still up though.  It's not that he's up in and of itself, but more that he is totally crazy and incapable of still being his own cool little dude self and, instead, acts like an out of control loon.  Here's hoping that in the future this will settle down - meanwhile, I'm on a mission to exhaust him during the day.

In Harriet news, she's insisting on us all having soup for dinner for the forseeable future.  You see, her front tooth is barely hanging on and she's terrified about when it's going to fall out.  Each night, as she goes to sleep, she asks with concern if it's going to fall out while she sleeps.  Here's hoping it doesn't.  I think the tooth fairy is going to have to reward well for this one, it's been a long labour!


Lou said...

Love that second photo! (Um you have another Harriet - i.e gifted child - on your hands there for sure. Maybe next yr he can go straight into kindy and skip 2yrs of preschool?!)

Mr Shell said...

I teach 5 year olds who can't do what Ted is doing! Clever cookie.