Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Self Portraits

The other day I took a couple of photos with the timer on my camera and Teddy. He LOVED it so much, he has been asking to do 'run-in' photos a lot since then. Well the other day I let him loose with the camera, a small bench and the timer. He did his own series of self portraits. See below for the cuteness that entailed.

Check out the blow-ins in the last photo!


Lou said...


Kimba said...

How ridiculously cute!
Did he do his own post production too?! ;)

casso said...

Ha! To be fair there really is very little PPing on those. In fact I wasn't going to do any at all but then I couldn't let his cuteness be lost amongst some slightly muddy tones (ah the horrific judgmental eye of the photographer mother!).