Thursday, September 15, 2011


Is there no fate as close to death in this modern age as turning on your computer, only to be met with...nothing. No familiar whir of fans starting, no *blink* of the screen firing, no anything.


So off I send James, huge computer tower under arm, to see if we're looking at panic stations, purse string sweat or a mild furrowing of the brow. Turns out - mild furrowing of the brow it was! Huzzah! Nothing more than a problem with the power supply, and $45 later I have my computer back. Working, and quieter than before!

So once I'm back on track (ie: have worked somewhat towards clearing out the hundreds of emails in my inbox, starting editing some photos and sent out some work things) I will do another post. Meanwhile, enjoy another silhouette if you like. Toddler versus the mountain.


jay said...

PHEW, i was very worried, wondering where you have been. teddy looks like he is climbing over rooftops and he looks like a baby; perfect rounded head matching the perfectly rounded cloth bottom....a baby escaping at dusk on rooftops!! welcome back beautifulxx

Lou said...

thank goodness for that! So pleased to have you back online!

Mr Shell said...

What an incredible photo!

JennieMo said...


JennieMo said...

Funny true story! I did the face cream spreading thing when I was kid...but the toilet seat was my canvas. But I lied bold face to my grandma when she asked if I had used her face cream...even though my hands were covered in it! LOL! Love you day in photos! :)