Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Oh man, this child will be the death of me. He's totally crazy at the moment. Crazy as in he is running around like a loon everywhere, bolting off at all times, and his favourite activity of late? Well, that just happens to be the act of squealing a song at the top of his lungs whilst doing this very cute skip/hop/dance at the same time. Gorgeous. But did I mention the squealing?

Other favourite activities from Ted at the moment include - not wanting to get changed/wear clothes. He has been going to bed of a night naked bar a nappy and I'm telling you IT'S COLD. Tonight we were all in pyjamas and jumpers and next to heaters while Ted jumped down from the dinner table naked, and ran around the house. He is currently in bed naked (except for the nappy). When I do try to get him dressed to get out of the house there is much kicking...oh the kicking...the latest phase. He thinks it's some sort of hilarious game but it's really not. And he is obsessed with screens. MAD for them I tell you. I honestly can't even bring my phone out without causing a major diplomatic intervention.

But he is, luckily, incredibly cute. And I remind myself of that when he's sitting there playing around, refusing to go to sleep at ten thirty at night.

I did actually have something I wanted to post about but I can't remember. All I know is that we better win Lotto or find some secret painting behind a hole in a wall somewhere so that we can raise a quick grand and buy this bunk bed. The novelty of having both children in one bedroom is just too delicious to ignore. (I'll still go in of course to put Ted down and lie and feed him when he wakes during the night BUT I will be able to start out the night in bed with James and not the ever-waking Tedalicious)

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