Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Captain Cheeky from the planet Monkey

I know, I've been abused from all ends about not updating since we came back from the snow. BUT we have *all* been sick. And Harriet still is. In fact she went into the bedroom and didn't emerge for two days, just spent her time in there, lying in her sleeping bag listening to Harry Potter for two days feeling as hot as Hades.

Ted? He was sick yesterday and just spent the day grizzling, crying, feeding and being un-Ted-like (which is to say he wasn't being as cheeky as hell). Tonight James came up with the title of this post, except he was using it as the name for Ted. Appropriate nonetheless.

So to keep you going until I get a chance to get my head above water again, I managed to write down two little interactions I had with Ted tonight. Finally! This is the sort of conversation we have with him all the time. He is crazy.

Ted: Guess what?
Me: What?
Ted: Ummm...(looks around wildly for something to talk about and realises he is holding a fork) Harry used this on her pesto pasta

[Uh yeah, great Ted. And untrue. He is hilarious this child!]

In the bath tonight
Me: What do you want Ted? (as he is straining to reach across Harriet)
Ted: Conditioner because my hair is so crazy


jay said...

oh just enough to whet our appetites and slam our forks on the table and demand more.

Lou said...

What she said!