Monday, May 30, 2011

Who? Me? What?

I was out in the lounge room 'chatting' briefly to James about dinner tonight and stuff going on at his work. I was out there for maybe...oohhh...three minutes, tops. I walk past the fish bowl and notice this. Four pumpkin cupcakes all lined up. Very straight. A bit crumbly. And all with a little bite taken out of them.

I then poke my head into the kitchen. Hmmm..the mystery deepens. Here lie-eth the cupcake tray, devoid of cupcakes. Mysteriously located on the ground, And here I was, quite certain that it had previously been on the bench.

And speaking of the bench, lookee here...on the bench. I think this once used to be a pumpkin cupcake. It seems a little depleted of its cupcake-ness however. How on earth could that have happened I wonder?

I look into the playroom. A serene, clean sight awaits my eyes. The boychild. Squatting in contemplative meditation, staring out to the backyard where the rains are falling and the swing lies dormant. Could it be...? Perhaps...?

But no. When I get closer, I realise he is munching innocently on apple. The apple he asked for earlier and was placed in a little tub next to his train tracks while I went to (I thought, briefly) chat to his father. Had aliens invaded the house? Was I losing my mind? Could it be that I didn't understand the mind of my toddler at all?

But then....then I happened to glance at the red vest. A red vest now flecked by bright orange crumbs. The telltale flag of the cupcake thief. SPRUNG! Oh yes.

Upon being lead to the scene of the crime, he professed no knowledge of the events. "Why, these things? Never seen them before. What are they? Can I touch them? Smell them? Eat them...?"

Mini mystery theatre shall return to your internet screens sometime soon again. I'm certain. Quite certain.


Krystal said...

I love you. That is all. hehehe

JennieMo said...

How did I miss reading this classic mystery theater tale? LOL! What a classic! I love it! Love it! Especially his clever ploy of eating apple slices throw you off the trail. HAHA!! What a clever little man he is! TEEHEE