Saturday, April 23, 2011

Around our House

One morning I was in the kitchen when Harriet came in and posted these two signs on the wall behind me. "These things are happening RIGHT NOW!" she exclaimed indignantly and left the room.

Harriet has decided that the calender is best served by her additions of demarcations for the days, cartoons to highlight the emotional response to the events written in there and at least one fairy has a birthday each month of the year. Apparently.

Speaking of birthdays, Little Robinson had a big party a few weeks back that was a total disaster (read: meltdowns galore). Harriet decorated the whole back half of the house in signs of celebration, including "LR I Love You" and here you can see who is 'Camin' (ie: coming) to the party - Mama and Papa and Teddy's name was scrubbed out after some inappropriate behaviour (I think he had the audacity to try and walk across the playroom where the party games circle was - shame, Teddy, shame). Next to it is a general sign of adoration proclaiming "I Love Bears". You'll notice Bear has a bumpy outline - because he's fluffy of course!

Just yesterday (last night to be precise) Ted used the personal pronoun correctly! He went to the back door and said "I see stars". Then tonight he used it again a couple of times, so perhaps it's here to stay.

The other day he walked into the playroom pulling along two wooden trains we have (both called Thomas but not after the Tank Engine, just because it's a T name I think). He saw me, looked down at the two trains and said "Not fair. You have one train too Mama" and proceeded to force one of the train's leads into my hand! What a sweetheart!

When we asked him what his favourite part of the Easter Show was, he replied with a mischievous grin "Boomalina!" which was the name of one of the horses he patted. "Man on Boomalina. Pat her on the face." Also when I took him to the toilet we had a full on conversation something along the lines of:
-Want one of those biscuits again
-There aren't any more Teddy
-Buy some
-I don't know where the person is who sold them to us
-At the counter
-{giggle} But I don't know where the counter is. Anyway I don't think there were any left
-Yes. In jar on counter. Buy some more Mama.

(smarty pants)

He is saying some truly gorgeous things at the moment. Stay tuned for toddler conversation updates over the next year.

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Anonymous said...

I love Harriet's appropriate use of "Protest" !! She should walk the streets with placards.... should I suggest this next visit ;-)
xx Lis