Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Time!

On the 20th Ted had his birthday party. Two year old parties walk that fine line between being for the adults and for the children, because the average two year old is just not that really aware of the passage of time and the whole birthday 'thing'. So we thought for Ted's second birthday we'd change it a little - instead of inviting everyone we know and having a big shindig in a park somewhere, we'd just keep it small and for *his* friends.

So we invited about five little boys over (for some reason he doesn't have much exposure to two year old girls, odd) and their parents and hoped that our little house would stand the influx. On the morning of the party it was very dismal - absolutely POURING with rain and no end in sight. But nothing could stop Ted from (finally) getting his party.

Before everyone arrived it was a case of getting naked and attacking the fruit platter though. Ted made sure he fulfilled that requirement. Check out those chubby thighs! Harry was thrilled at being dubbed 'doorperson' and explaining that people could put their wet shoes and bags in the front room if they wanted to. I think she even managed to perform her role for one family that arrived - of course after that she was too busy playing out the back to even notice when new people rang the bell. Parties are work!

In what is fast becoming a family tradition, the 'cake' was brought out at the start of the party. Ted's request for a cake was just "chock-it cek" until I happened to remind him of his other favourite food in the whole world - pumpkin pie. Oh my god! How he hounded me about the pie! I gave him some pie base crumbled in a bowl (I always make too much but it makes nice little biscuits so it's not ever a hassle to have extras) and he devoured that base in about two minutes and left about half of it all over the floor too. He's not the neatest eater you've ever met.

I found some big punch balloons that I'd bought at Christmas just the night before and they were a huge hit. They are these massive balloons that have a looped rubber band at one end and you can punch the balloon (der!). Just having a balloon safely blown up to something akin to the size of your whole body was dubbed AWESOME by all small (and big) children at the party. And look at how our house handled all the people - pretty darn well actually! It didn't feel too crowded and the children were able to play easily in each space without crashing in to anything or destroying themselves. Success!

Someone made the comment towards the end of the party that they were surprised that there had been no meltdowns or madness and all the children had played so well together the whole time. And you know what? I'd never really thought of it before but that's been the way for all of our parties so far (*touch wood*). Perhaps because we don't have processed, sugary foods that are traditionally at parties? Or that we don't set up games and activities that are going to cause competition or angst? Whatever it is parties have always been awesome and fun for us and I hope they continue that way because I do love holding them.

Ted received some amazingly considerate and sweet gifts. Can you see that tshirt he's wearing, with the star on it? Underneath it says 'Teddy'. CUTE alert! And in the same present he also received this t-shirt that has two funky owls sitting on a stick that says "I'm This Many". *melt* I have to get a photo of him in that shirt before it is irreversibly stained as are all his other shirts (did I mention he is a messy eater?). Actually I can take a photo of him wearing that shirt with the purple pants Jay made him, so funky. And I keep meaning to post a photo of the AMAZING canvas that Regan painted for Ted. Seriously, it is beautiful. It's of the last two pages of Ted's fave book 'The Going to Bed Book' by Sandra Boynton.

In the afternoon we had a good ole fashioned shed-raising. The sun started shining and Scott and James were inspired to put together the shed we'd received the day before. Ted enjoyed standing in the shed and watching the proceedings from the inside out. He also actually ENJOYS having his photo taken! And even ASKS me to do it, no joke! The other day he was lying on the ground being so cute and giving me the biggest grins. My camera was just out of reach and when I had it in place Ted had moved on to sitting up. I said out loud "Oh bummer, I wanted that cute lying down photo" and guess what he did? He recreated it for me! And LOVED me taking the photos!

Oh be still my beating heart - is this the child every photographer dreams of? Here, in my home? *eep*


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ted!
Love that lil' bot!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Ted :) . It looks as though you have a lovely birthday :)