Wednesday, December 08, 2010


We've got stuff going on and we're all busy but I'll tell you something. Not having enough sleep is enough to take the sheen off even the most fun day. I've had only three hours sleep a night for the last few nights in a row. This morning when I woke it felt like I had a face full of pins and needles. When I sat down my body almost cried with relief. I. Need. Sleep. However it's not forthcoming and it's been two weeks now, so I'm learning to live with it to a degree. But it's also why I haven't posted - there's not much inspiration when you're focusing on staying awake more than writing the actual blog entry.

This first photo is from Harriet's first foray into a 'big girl' (read: 9year old) party. You may notice there don't seem to be many big girls in that photo. Or even that it looks much more like a football game than a party. You'd be right on both accounts. She preferred to go outside and join the birthday girl's older brother in a game of football than stay inside with the singing, dancing girls. be fair they weren't singing anything from a back catalogue Harriet knew. That is, of course, unless Justin Bieber has released a tribute album to The Sound of Music I haven't stumbled across yet.

And this photo is from today. Today was a pretty good day and considering I couldn't feel my face for the first hour that's good going! But in the afternoon we all decided to dance around to some loud music. Harriet chose it, popped on her birthday cd and we found our groove to Joni Mitchell. Ted did yell out for his current favourite band, Fugazi, for a little while but soon found his inner rhythm with the maracas. And yes, he really does love Fugazi. Gah-gah as he calls them. Nawww....

ps - That Fugazi link goes to his favourite song but you need to zoom up to about 2:25 to hear the part that he really loves in it. It's called Going Off!


Anonymous said...

I hear your need for sleep Cas ! I think this weird weather is not helping...I am soooo tired...and no sleepless child to blame ;-)
The photos (CD) are amazing getting some printed for xmas...not sure how big to go- I'm thinkin Ted's size !! Would make a great photo- him holding his photo enlargement :-)
Sorry visit was so quick- will see you soon xx Lis
I pray for lots of sleep- & less pins & needles for us both !!

Anonymous said...

god that teddy is AWESOME!!! FUZAGI?! can a kid get any cooler? most adults i know arent that cool!!
I am enjoying catching up on your little family through here!
give my love to Hariet and Ted
Love Alison (the nanny)

casso said...

Hi Alison!! *waves* So stoked to know you're reading! xx

Lis - I couldn't get Ted to hold his own photo without him kissing it and stroking it fondly, saying "Ted, Ted" in an affectionate manner. He's got a healthy ego on him, this one.