Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foxes Eating Fish Children

There's a new water park that has opened up near us. It's just down the river a bit so we get a pleasant walk along the way and then the children get a great splash at the end (and so do I). It's small but effective - I mean really, don't we all want to see just how many small children we can squeeze into a concrete laden, sharp-rock lined space? Ted is way too unstable to be left alone in it so I walked all around with him. He loved exploring the jets of water splashing up in the air, and wallowing into the small, muddy pool like a mini hippo. While we were there we ran into Jay et. al, Lou and Dexter, Lucy, and Shanti. Crazy times! Ted kept yelling out for "More! More!" as we were walking away. He was, however, dead asleep in the carrier within five minutes of leaving.

So if anyone wants to hang out with us during summer, don't bother coming to our house, just head straight for the water park. We'll be the ones with red skin, dehydrated and still running around like monkey loons.

Speaking of MORE!, Ted enjoyed his first foray into plugged-in live music on Sunday. As you can see, the high temperatures and daunting stage height did nothing to dampen his enthusiasm for the musical experience. He kept trying to climb the stage and eventually succumbed to just spinning around on the floor nearby, much to the band's amusement.

Harriet and Priya went so hard early on in the set that they collapsed in a bedraggled, sweat-stained heap after the first song. No staying power, this generation! I had to stand in knee-deep mud all day at Glastonbury '97! Sheesh. But they did manage to muster some energy for their favourite song which you can see here:

Disclaimer - I was squatting on the ground filming that whilst also breastfeeding a writhing, sweaty Ted who (as you can hear) got quite annoyed at having to share his personal space with a fairly large camera.

Well it's coming to the pointy end of the year. I'm already swamped with just the organisation of my present list, let alone the actual *making* of everything. I'm planning on doing it in my spare time...which means presents may be out to everyone in 2012. But last night I did manage to organise cards. Yes people, you read correctly - CARDS! I don't think James and I have sent out Christmas cards since..actually I don't think we ever have? I'm sure James will be in to correct me if we have. But anyway, it feels soothing to be able to cross something off my list. We also have the attic storage people coming to cut a huge hole in the ceiling of our lounge room right over our computer table. *eek* Reminder to self - MOVE EVERYTHING!

And the title of this post? Well after the gig on Sunday, we went to play at Poe's house. On the way home, Harriet had borrowed a book and was (so I thought) reading it out loud to herself in the back of the car. Which, now I think of it was sort of unusual in itself since she never reads aloud.

Anyway, turns out that she was making up her own story. But it wasn't just the bare bones of a story - it was the whole shebang. I asked her about it and this was the story: A fox wanted to eat children burgers. But the factory didn't want to sell him children burgers because the owners liked children. Instead, they made some fish that looked as though they had children's faces and sold those to the fox with just the head sticking out of the bun. This convinced the fox for a while, but soon enough he worked out that they were trying to trick him. So he demanded a proper children burger. The people at the factory thought harder and then made the fish have the body of a child too. But it was still fish. So the fox ate those too. But then he started feeling sad that he was eating children now that he could see their bodies and faces. He talked to the people at the factory and found out he was eating fish. So he stopped eating children, stopped wanting to eat children and started eating fish instead. Then he decided to be a vegetarian. The end.

But she was talking her story out like this:
"But the fox was still hungry for children. He went to the factory to talk to the people that ran it. They were worried about feeding children to a fox. After all, a fox shouldn't get used to eating children! "Give me children to eat" growled the fox. But the factory people were rather clever and decided to be sneakier than the fox"
It seriously sounded like a real children's book!


Anonymous said...

Great story Harry !! And Ted looks so cute looking up at the stage longingly....how long till he's at the Con' ??
And who is the band ??
So many questions hope to see you guys this weekend ??
xx Lis

Anonymous said...

I love that story and would totally buy the book! Perhaps Harry needs a YouTube channel where she can read her incredible, creative, exciting stories to other kids :D

casso said...

Oh Sam I SO need your address! Could you please email it to me? Your present for Ted is GORGEOUS and we use it every single day! xxx

Lisa - Agnes Kain is the band and you would love them!