Monday, August 02, 2010

Lazy, Busy Weekend

You know how every weekend you start out by saying "We're just going to chill out, hang around the house and do nothing?". Well maybe you don't but we do. Seriously, nearly every weekend is like that. But then *every* weekend turns into some epic journey of trips here and there, things to see and do, events to catch and places to be.

I'd love to tell you that this weekend we lazed around in our pyjamas until 12, supped from pre-made dinners thereby requiring no food preparation and frolicked in the dying rays of the afternoon sun with nary a care in the world. However being participants of the 'real world' (*shudder* - why is it when people say that they always mean the crappy, demanding parts of the world? The fun, happy parts are MORE real if you ask me!) *ahem*, where was I? Oh yes, being in the real world we did it again this weekend. Saturday we were out in the morning for breakfast with a friend who somehow we hadn't seen in about a year! Hi A if you're reading! Then a spontaneous decision to buy shoes for everyone (and by everyone I mean Harriet and Jimbo - I am shod and Teddy refuses all methods of enclosing feet on principle). Then back home for our favourite weekend lunch - what we call a 'board'. Basically you get the big wooden cutting board and fill it with stuff from the fridge. This usually includes, but is not limited to - pickled onions, cheese, dip, crackers, gherkins, tomatoes, cucumber, dates and sometimes if we're lucky, a loaf of fresh bread baked by James that morning.

We even decided sometime in the afternoon to go and investigate the possibility of a bookshelf for Harriet's room. So up we went to our local op shop but unfortunately there was nada there. Yet again her room remains a huge depository for gravity affected books. Must. Search. For. Bookshelves. In fact it's such a problem that James sat me down to give me 'The Talk' last night. "Cass", he started out, "you know there's a problem with the books". "Mmmhmm", I replied in a mock absentminded fashion, knowing full well the reality check about to come my way. "The problem is that even when we do manage to get a bookshelf, there's every reality (barring a temporary removal from the laws of physics in that particular corner of Harriet's room) that we won't be able to fit all of those books in there". "Ah yes, but", I countered, thinking on my feet and not having thought it through at all, "I'm planning on selling the books at Newtown Markets one weekend in the future." So..umm...yeah, looks as though I'm going to be selling off a lot of baby books in the near future. I'll be waiting until we buy the shelves just to make sure I don't do an unnecessarily ruthless cull, but if you're in the market for some young children's books, keep an eye on the markets!

But do you know what we did on Sunday? I'll give you a guess. We went to our local markets. We do this every weekend unless some major event has been planned instead but luckily very few things get organised for the ante meridian component of Sundays. And how wonderful, this Sunday we met up with another group of friends we haven't seen for about a year either (is this coincidence? or could it be that a year ago Teddy started this delightful process of mid-night wakings, thereby rendering me a wreck and not highly sociable?). It was so great to sit in the warm winter's sunshine chatting away in the chai tent, talking about movies, society's ills and of course roller derby.

Then, in the afternoon, we frolicked in the dying rays of the afternoon sun with nary a care in the world. Ah yep - we managed to squeeze it in there, right at the end of the weekend.

ps - click on that last photo to see it big because it looks much better BIG.

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Lou said...

Such lovely photos Cass. Completely as expected of course, the mild sunshiny weekend was so perfect for photography...and I just knew you'd need to get out that gorgeous new camera at some point. Wishing that next weekend be more lazy than busy for you!