Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still No Camera

But I did want to document Harriet's questions. Tonight on the drive home from an awesome play/bath/dinner date at her friend Rosie's house, Harriet piped up with :

"What are stars made of?"

I mean - here we are, at nearly five years old, and nary a peep of those cool, curious questions that the omnipresent other people's children seem to ask. But we progressed on to how our sun is a star and how if we saw the other stars up close they'd look like big balls of gas too and then:

"What is the moon made of?"
"Rock I guess..."
"Then how can it shine like that in the dark?"

I mean, how cool is that? She didn't even hesitate, there was barely time to have the neurons fired up to speak, let alone process the answer I gave, figure out the flaws in that and offer back the question. So then a discussion about the sun and the moon occured and Ted continued to point out trucks in the traffic with much laughter and we drove home in the cold, dark night.

Note to self - must find good youtube video on sun/moon interactions.

Also just remembered another question from this morning. Whilst in the middle of playing a game she piped up with:

"Who decided that the world should be made?"

Who indeed...

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