Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well Bugger

That's a polite way of saying it. Someone has stolen my camera.


JennieMo said...

That totally sucks! Did someone break into your car/house....or swipe it while your weren't looking! I just read your posts below!

Everyone has a bad day...and when everyone is having one together....its like blood and sharks...someone is gonna get bit! BIG HUGS TO YOU!!


casso said...

Oh Jen, thank you gorgeous woman. xxx Some bastard reached through the bars of the window next to the study desk and stole it. They won't even know how to use it because I have so many special changes to it. Am seriously hoping there isn't anything to glitch the insurance claims process, I am feeling very naked and lost without my third child. :o(

Lou said...

That's terrible Cass. Man, you must be furious. Grrrrr! I hope the whole insurance claim business goes smoothly and quickly for you. Camera-less. That truly sucks.

JennieMo said...

Oh my god...that happened to me when I lived at St. Andrew's! A drug addict stuck his had through the bars of my bedroom window and grabbed my bag off the dresser. By the time I ran ourside..he/she has rifled through the bag...stole a pair of pants and calculator. They left my wallet...sans cash...and all I could think was thank goodness they left the ID...what a pain in the ass to get replaced. Sorry about your loss! FIngers crossed on the insurance.

Glad your life is back to happy times... and happy Ted! Was he sick...or teething or just over tired? Man...I can only imagine being sleep deprived and having little cranky people at my feet. LOL! I think Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde live in all of us. I tend to be more!

Fingers crossed you get a new camera soon!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Cass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor us!!!!!!!! Here's hoping the insurance claim sails smoothly and you are back posting delicious pics before too long.

Kirsten said...

Gosh, that sucks! I'd feel lost without my camera too, so hoping that insurance comes through nice and quick! I'm not sure what model you have, but might even be a good chance for an upgrade!