Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Still Here...Just Not Mentally

For some reason I am cursed - cursed with children who don't sleep. *sigh* For a while there I was lulled into a false sense of security with Ted, but this past month he has risen to the challenge set by Harriet and decided that he will wake up to play. For anything up to two hours. In the middle of the night. Aarrrggghhhhh.....*cue highly attractive eye bags, mismatched clothing and garbled conversation for the last month* Honestly, it's lucky that he's cute. Seriously, the guy is so freaking adorable - I get comments from people all the time when we're out about his smile, it truly does light up the room.

Here's Harriet performing her 'book telling' at 'school'. She has her Wizard of Oz book out and is giving me that incredulous can-you-believe-these-children-don't-know-about-Dorothy look. It's hilarious watching her be the other children in her class, I get a good idea of the personalities that's for sure. Actually a very sweet conversation was relayed to me on Wednesday. Harriet started to tell me this story and got so hysterically upset (hitching sobs, tears streaming down her face, and absolutely inconsolable) that I had to get her to calm down before she could finish. But anyway, the story was this - Lucy and Matilda told her that she couldn't marry Ted when she's older because you can't marry people from your own family. Harry was, quite seriously, devastated by this news. I mean the girl could barely breathe through her sobs. And just as an aside to how horrid it is to see your child so upset, how freaking ADORABLE is it that such news would be so upsetting for her?

Because, just in case I haven't mentioned it on here before, Harry is very set on what she is going to do when she's older. She is going to university to study to be a vet, then after she's done that she's going to have three children and Teddy and her and the children are going to live in America on a farm where there are no tornadoes or earthquakes but it has snow and James and I are going to live next door. We've had suggestions of Oregon, California and somewhere else I can't if anyone would like to proffer the perfect place for Harriet's future abode, please send it through.

And because I am a supreme copycat, last week we made gingerbread (actually it may be two weeks ago now, I haven't posted for ages I know - remember the sleep thing! Give me a break!). Why the copycat thing? Well I was inspired by Lou's post about it on her blog. Of course our gingerbread people were made with less stainless steel and more cork floor than theirs, but gosh damn the result was freaking DELICIOUS! I scored a couple of little airtight tins the other week at an op shop and the little person cutter fits perfectly inside, so it was very cute to peek inside and see a tower of yummy people lying within.

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