Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Trip to Melbourne and Back Again

So if you think the other night, when I wrote Harry was off to sleep and we were off to watch Dr Who, that these events actually happened, then I would expect you to be a newcomer to this blog. Of course about halfway through the show Teddy woke up and stayed awake until 1.30am. *yawn*

Let me regale you with more stories of our Melbourne trip. Not thrilling for others but a nice little record for us of what we got up to.

The morning after the wedding day there was a picnic being held by the bride and groom around lunch time. Of course having two young children means that we were up well and truly before breakfast time. And of course being Easter Sunday there was nothing open as we wandered the deserted, freezing streets of Melbourne. We did finally find a little lane with a little wine bar open that served breakfast (and tequila). Harriet had some incredibly delicious yoghurt crumble combination, whilst James and I floundered with some less than mediocre coffe and eggs that looked too scared and cold to be eaten. Ted of course had some milk at a yummy room temperature.

Then it was on to something even more exciting. The Ferris Wheel! Since you could see it from our (massive) windows there was no hiding the idea of going around in vertical circles from Harriet. Now can I write it here so that I don't forget for next time - TED DOESN'T LIKE IT! *sigh* We went on the big ferris wheel at the Easter Show when Ted was all of about 2mths old and he cried the whoel time. Well fast forward to a year later and there's not much better going on with Ted's reaction. But how exciting - while we were up there, seeing the view for about the fifteenth time (that was one good value ride), Ella arrived and decided to join us on the wheel. Well James and I got off and Ella and her parents got on. Harriet relished the opportunity to explain to Ella about the ferris wheel, point out the sights as they rose and generally be a bossy but loving older sister figure. We then went on to the nearby playground and even walked right down to the ye olde worlde merry-go-round. Milly Molly Mandy would have been in raptures (and, therefore, Harry was as well).

Back again to the apartment to get a sleep in for Ted and some chill out time for Harriet before the picnic. In fact Ted decided to really go for it on the sleeping front and James and Harry went earlier to the picnic. When I got there James informed me of the chocolate smorgasbord that had been hidden in the foliage of the Botanic Gardens. Harriet joyously guarded her bag full of eggs. And yes you read correctly...a BAG...FULL...of EGGS. *ahem* Thanks Nick and Moni!

Harriet and Ella had a great time playing with a ball, swinging from trees and building a fairy house with sticks, before we all walked back to the tram stop. The two girls were just having a beautiful, wonderful time running all over the wide green spaces. I know this photo is horrifically oof, but it just shows how much joy our sweet girl was in.

The next day was the sad end to our most excellent Melbourne adventure. We slowly backed out of our luxurious accommodation, wiping away small tears as the realisation that we would be unlikely to live in such high-rise opulence in the forseeable future. Ted was ready to sleep, Harry was ready to chill out and the road to Canberra stretched ahead of us. The morning was wonderful, with James and I capable of holding an adult conversation. But the large coffee we ordered whilst waiting for the reception to open for check out had to play its part in the day, and we made a premature toilet stop. And from there the day descended into a difficult afternoon of cranky Harry and inconsolable (and unable to sleep) Ted. We stopped off in Albury (the pretty sister of Wodonga) for lunch and finally drove in to Georgia, Nathan and Andy's house. Exhausted, dishevelled and grateful for the dry port in a storm.

As always it was a pure delight to savour the company of the ever gorgeous Georgia and in the morning it was very sweet to let all three children run around together. Harry loved the fact that Andy could walk and talk and do things as entertaining as climb inside the chicken coop. I love the way Teddy is peering at Andy in this photo - that boy just cracks me up.

Then a short stop off to see the lovely Jennie and the irrascable Norman in Camden before the final stretch home.

We loved our trip. The only difficult time the whole period was the stretch to Canberra and it was totally understandable given the full on and exciting few days just prior. We are trying to work out some more road trips we can arrange in the near future. There's dadcamp 2010 on the horizon but more about that later. We'll keep buying Lotto tickets and cross our fingers, because having all four of us together for that long was one of our most wonderful, rich times as a family. It also proved to us that we can love, laugh and play with each other - even in prolonged close contact! We are so blessed.

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