Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We're Back!

Can you believe it? Not only are we back from our driving holiday to Melbourne - we're all in one piece. AND not even that, but we're all happy. AND not even that, but we all want to do it again!

We had a wonderful trip. Ted just needs to be a little bit older so that James and I can share the driving and it would have been perfect. Ted needed me in the back with him a little too often for me to be confident in taking over the wheel, but the whole trip itself was fantastic!

When we asked Harriet what her favourite part was she replied "Playing with Ella". I replied "Walking into our apartment for the first time". And why was that? Because, for the first time in my life, I got upgraded! And what a great upgrade it was - to the penthouse of the apartment building we were staying at. We had wrap-around floor-to-ceiling views of Melbourne looking over Federation Square, the MCG, the Yarra and some spiky thing (which looked dramatic and beautiful but I have no idea what it was).

It was also a great time to do it, because we felt no pain with the transition to daylight savings. Ted and Harry were just wayyy too exhausted to do anything like stay up later than we were already pushing them to. We went out AT NIGHT - woot! People with children may be able to appreciate the exhilaration of finally being able to go out at night for dinner with two children. Sure it was a little too late a couple of nights but it's not long to go now before we can make it a regular feature of our lives - hooray!

I'll go through the photos and post little stories etc. later this week. But for now it's past midnight and I really need to go to sleep. It's not the children that seem to have trouble adjusting to the new time...

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