Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Secret Pieces

Today was a homebody day - except for our trip to the op shop. When we were there yesterday we bought a couple of Ravensurger jigsaws for $2 each. When we took them out to complete them I was so amazed at the quality of them I decided we needed to go back and buy the other four that were there as well. One was a Madeline illustration which went down very well here. Harriet was hiding some of the pieces under the box cover and 'secretly' bringing them out as we (dramatically) exclaimed how there weren't enough pieces. *ta da* Harry would slip them out and we would be amazed at the 'secret pieces' (apparently being brought in by fairy express).

Last night Harry decided she wasn't tired. She didn't go to bed until 12.30am. WE went to bed at 12. Tonight she is still up at 10.15pm. Obviously there is some sort of brain explosion going on, but gee it's tiring. At least she's entertaining herself so we can get some stuff done on the computer.

Tomorrow we're going to move everything around in the house in an attempt to try and utilise the space in our house better. It's too small and we're looking to the Lotto Gods to help us out. But hopefully the re-arranging will help stop us from going insane in the meantime.

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JennieMo said...

Harry and I are kindred spirits with hiding puzzle pieces. My brothers and I used to want to put the last puzzle piece in the puzzle. LOL!! My dad used to hate it! HAHA!! I like Giftmas...accurate way to describe my family Christmas present savaging. LOL!!!