Friday, December 25, 2009

Giftmas Day

Harriet had such a great time today. I tend to buy things for quite a few months leading up to Giftmas so there isn't any financial pressure in December, which was lucky this year since we had the $1600 fridge issue! Anyway we have a house rule about no new plastic, things to be bought secondhand if possible and then, if not, we buy new. When buying new we try to (obviously) buy wooden/organic first and susutainably manufactured.

*phew* So that's a few criteria to try and fulfil. Enter stage right our wonderful local op shop! They had a huge sale about 6wks ago and I managed to score some awsome finds. For example this mint condition game of Mouse Trap for $6. It is in such top condition that it even came with the little elastic band.

We've decided to make it a family tradition that in the afternoon there is a family gift of a new game which we all play that afternoon (I am so excited about the year we can buy Trivial Pursuit already!). So this year it was Mouse Trap. As with anything Harry, it became a game totally unrelated to the game written down in the instruction manual (if you look closely you can see a little car from Teddy's present under the final cage).

Such a lovely low key day. Harry of course was so hyped up on the treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts (she found her last present at 4.30pm) that Teddy was in wide-eyed horror at her antics for most of the day. She realised she loved pine nuts, potato bake, remote controlled cars, doing the laundry, sitting in a paddling pool of goo, catching mice, running marbles and lego.

And now James and I are about to have a stiff drink and try to watch the last half an hour of Moon that we couldn't finish last night. Happy Festivus to all! :o)

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Sif said...

Great score! We're starting a family summer tradition this summer of a games tournament to be held each weekend throughout January. The family will be divided into teams and each member of the team will represent their team in each game, so the winner at the end of the game will win for the team. Each weekend we'll play different games (Ludo, Monopoly, Uno stacko, Squatter, Bingo, Snakes and ladder, pictionary, and so on), so everyone gets to play to their strengths. At the end of January the winning team gets to choose an activity for the whole family to do together on the last days of the holidays (this years strong contenders are a movie or dinner out)... Games are great!

Jen said...

We got a few board games this year also with the idea in mind to play as a family too :) .

YAY at you blogging again Cass, I have missed your adorable children..I have also given you he honest scrap award (check my blog to find out more details :) )