Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Poor Things

I feel so sorry for all of you. You don't get to see and smell and hold the delicious Teddy. You are also unable to have the coolest children ever because I've already had them. But you can always try I suppose.

In Teddy news very quickly - he is doing his own ECing! We have nappy free time each day at around 10-11am and he has decided to consolidate all of his poo to this time alone. So all of his other nappies each day are just urine and we have only poo on the terry flats we lay out for his nappy free time. I thought maybe it's just that I'm timing it with his normal poo time, but thenyesterday we all went out to the Powerhouse Museum to see a show and have a generally fun time. Didn't get a chance to give him nappy free time and yet no poos all day. Get home at after 5pm, whip off his nappy and look at that - three massive poos in about one minute! Poor fellow had obviously been holding on.

I have a few other things to write about Teddy and lots to write about Harry but will have to do that when we're not heading out the door to another shcool holiday activity. Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

The two coolest children ever live at my house.
Emma x

JennieMo said...

I guess my awesome cool feline children count in another poll! :P dear they are very gorgeous. And since I probably will never having any kids...I will enjoy every line of your blog. And absorb every ounce of love and devotion you shower over Harry and Teddy.