Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another Photo

Here is Ted with his eyes open. It's very rare to see, he spends most of his time with them closed, so far at least (no doubt that'll change).


Melissa said...

Oh. He is truly beautiful. Honestly, he's just lovely. Congratulations to you all.

ZedP (Jamie) said...

Congratulations - he's beautiful.

My twin boys were 2 months premmie as well so I can really empathise with what you guys are going through (our eldest son was 3 at the time). One word of advice from our experience, don't let them send you home too early - we were sent home 3 weeks after the twins were born and within a couple of days they were having apnoea episodes (once where one of them stopped breathing for several minutes when we were not in the room - pretty scary finding a blue, cold, non-breathing baby). Both eventually ended up back in NICU for another month or so.

I'm sure it won't happen to you but we were told that they were sending us home so that our health insurance provider didn't get upset by them overstaying in hospital. That said, they had been really good in hospital prior to them being sent home (with no apnoea episodes for more than a week) so it's difficult to completely tell if they are ready or not.

Teddy looks like he's coming along in leaps and bounds - congratulations once again.

Jamie (ZedP from Televised Revolution forums)

JennieMo said...

Casso....I see you in that little face. LOL!! He looks gorgeous! Hugs! And just so you know, my study finished on the 14th of March. So...if you or James need anything...even a distraction for Miss Harriet...like making a drop-circle clown from a sock and material...I am in!