Thursday, February 05, 2009

Short Note

Just a quick one. In the past couple of days Harriet has said some classic things. Today for example we had friends over. I can't remember the exact scenario now but she said something along the lines of "I have bigger hands than Poe. That's understandable". Poe's mother had to ask me if that was what she'd said. Pretty funny!

Then the other day when she was at preschool I went and bought her the training wheels for the bike we bought her on the weekend (at the op shop, so needs a little work). That night James put them on for her when she was in bed. The next afternoon she asked about her bike and I mentioned what had happened. She replied "Oh thank you Mama! I really appreciate that and it was so sweet of Papa to put them on and so considerate of you to go out and buy them for me while I was in preschool".

I wasn't looking for a reason but I've been given one. Apparently the reason I've been so incredibly fatigued for a while is my haemoglobin levels are really low. After I had my blood taken I felt woozy too (which I've never had before) and that afternoon I looked like someone had drawn half moons under my eyes with black texta. Combine that with the bruise from my blown vein and I looked like a right junkie. Oh yeah, a pregnant junkie is an impressive look. I've bought some Floradix though and should hopefully be feeling a little more energetic soon.


Lara said...

I've been researching the iron thing. Apparently Halva has the most iron per gram of any plant based food.

I love halva, so this is great news for me :) I also live in Granville, the halva capital of Australia!

Let me know if you need a delivery...

JennieMo said...

Casso, I love that Harriet is so detailed with her explainations. But what cracks me up is that she sometimes sounds (when you describe her comments) like she is saying what she is thinking out Pheobe from friends. LOL!! It is so cute.

Ok...junkie...get some rest and lots of iron in your veggies. Apparently black beans, spinach and capsicum are good sources as well. And....I am gonna say yeah that Halva has high iron...cause now I have an excuse for loving to devour it. HAHA!!

Oh...I am so glad that you can get the movies again. I liked "slumdog millionare"....and don't go see 'Revolutionary Road"..unless you want to be depressed! Great acting...but geez....if Leo and Kate cannot be happy...who can? LOL!! I might have to go see the movie you saw....and I am hoping that the Transporter 3 involves Jason Statham taking his shirt off and getting covered in deisel for a fight scene. I have Mondays off starting next if you are up for lunch...give me a ring! Hugs!