Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi Teddy!

Well he's here! We received a very early present on the 20th of February -Edward Stanley decided to come earth-side two months earlier than anticipated. Most of you already know the details from other forums, sites and emails, but I haven't really had much of a chance to update the blog about it. In short the placenta was pulling away from the uterine wall, causing substantial haemorrhaging, but this seemed to propel him into spontaneous labour and he was born with no intervention other than a midwife rupturing his membranes to ensure they could check him out as he was emerging because of how premature he was. Which is a real shame, but he did get his whole head out with intact membranes, so I like to think that's born in the caul.

He has been in the NICU but has been incredibly stable, has been tolerating really long periods without the cpap (oxygen), so last night they stopped it and will see how he goes without it now. He has been on increasing feeds which is great - jumped from just 1mL/2hrs to 5mL/hr very quickly. Today he may be moved to the High Dependency Unit. Basically he will move from NICU to HDU to Special Care, then home!

I have to go becaue I am writing this with Harriet all over me and I can barely see the screen, so will write more when I don't have my brain in about thirty places and my body in about five.


Jen said...

Congratulations Cass he is beautiful :) . I hope the move from NICU to HDU to Special Care to home happens quickly and easily. Beautiful photos also :)

kate said...

Wow! Welcome Teddy! What a cute name. I'm so glad he's doing so well. Can't wait to hear how Harry's doing too. Get some rest!

Sif said...

Well, there you go, you got your boy, and it looks like he's already set to keep you on your toes!

He's gorgeous! Of course! How could he not be! Hope you are doing well, this is such a different experience from Harry's birth, I imagine!

Congratulations again, and to big sister, Harriet as well!

Lara said...

Welcome Teddy!

I hope you get to bring him home soon :)

Juniper said...

HUGE congratulations Cass - what fantastic news! I am so glad to hear that he seems well, and I wish you both a speedy recovery and that you have him home ASAP!

Kirsten said...

Congratulations! He is absolutely gorgeous.

He sounds like a strong little boy, so good to hear that he is doing well.

I'm hoping that his hospital stay is nice and quick and he is home soon.

MadHouse said...

OMG Cass! Congratulations!!!! I will let Mleinda know! Take care,
Jak xoxo

Julie said...

Oh congratulations!! Utterly, utterly adorable :-) What a little champion to be doing so well so quickly too, all the best for a speedy trip home with him.

JennieMo said...

All the best Casso and James...and Harriet! Great photos! Look forward to meeting the early bird! He just knew that you and Jimbo needed and calm cool Pisces baby! LOL!!

Hugs again!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations to all three of you. Glad to hear of the safe but early arrival. Poor Harriet must be bursting at the seams to bring him home (and you guys of course!)