Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorry about the Delay!

I have been trying to upload photos but Blogger has been thwarting me, so am excited to see that some have finally appeared on here! Have posted the photo-of-the-day shots from the past few days on here with their little stories. Enjoy!

Today was the day we were supposed to go on the Treasure Hunt out at Bicentennial Park. Harry has been really excited about riding her own bike all around the place and solving puzzles, etc. However once we got there Harry was distinctly *not* happy about riding her own bike (with training wheels). So we went back to the hire place to get one of those 'tag-a-long' bikes. Nope, she didn't like that either. By this stage she was really crying and so we suggested she might like to go in one of those little seats on the back of Papa's bike. Yep, that sounded like a great idea!

Unfortunately the weight limit on those seats is 18kgs. And Harry is 18kgs. Poor thing, being physically tall has been an issue every now and then but this one was a bummer, a real bummer. Mainly because the treasure hunt could really only be performed on bike because the clues were too far apart for a sad, tired, not entirely healthy 3yr old. So we had to abort the day we planned and Harry ended up crashing in the car (indication that she was still sick). A late lunch and a day at home ensued.

This was taken before all of this happened. My beautiful, tall girl.


Mike (my father-in-law) gave me an old Canon SLR with the old leather case and everything a while ago. It is totally gorgeous. Harry has played with it before but this afternoon I thought I'd see if she wanted to play with it and hoped to get a photo.

Well there was really very little chance to take a decent shot of her. Once that thing was around her neck she was leaning over every plant in 'her' part of the vegie patch taking photos, walking up to Smellie (our cat) to take her photo "because she is SO bew-tee-feel" and generally not helping me out at all. How inconsiderate! :o)

Here I finally gave up on the close-up style shot I wanted and snapped her as she was lining up a photo of Smellie. You can see how I'm getting the LOOK for not holding my designated radius of non-interference.

Yes, those clippers are on and yes he is really getting his hair cut by Harriet!

Today Harry wanted to be a bit more hands-on in the haircutting experience than she has in the past. See here if you're not too sure what I mean:

So we let her use the clippers on Jimbo. She (unsurprisingly) did a quality job of it! She was slow and steady and even over his head. I only ended up clipping around his ears and tidying up the back because you have to take the foot off the clippers for that bit.

And yes, I think that face from Jimbo is purely for dramatic effect - don't be fooled into thinking that I'm the dramatic one in this family! ;o)

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