Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gardening Rocks, Dude!

Not at all the sort of photo I thought I was going to upload tonight I can tell you! I only took a couple of shots all day - it was a busy one. Today was either going to be treasure hunt at Olympic Park or Gardening Day, depending on the weather. We woke up to a grey, windy morning and decided gardening was going to be on the agenda.

So we cleared out the vegie patches that we had planted in spring, where cherry tomatoes, broadbeans, snow peas, strawberries and goodness knows what else had grown. Harry loved pulling it all out, that's for sure!

Then it was off to visit the nursery, where we bought squash, zucchini, another strawberry plant, thyme, basil, cherry tomatoes again, and lebanese cucumbers. I think that's all anyway. By the time we got back out to do the hard work (digging, mixing, aerating, you know, the usual) the sun was beating down and Harry had the rapidly appearing signs of a head cold. Poor poppet has probably had about three colds in her whole life, so it was a real shock when she started sniffling.

This photo is with the herb garden in the background that she created with Papa. Putting the sugar cane mulch on top was a big hit! I asked her if I could take her photo with her little gardening bag which holds her tools and new gloves. She was swinging it right around her body and pulled this pose.

It suits her current favourite saying, which is"I'm not just helping, I'm *doing* it dude!". Cracks us up. And of course she really WAS doing the planting, in many respects we're being made slowly redundant (which she also loves to tell me "Mama I just don't need you any more" when doing something I used to help her out with).

She's in bed now dosed up on some Brauer's Cold Relief. I'm on sleep duty tonight. *eep*


JennieMo said...

Gardening! Mine is surely in need of some care..but I just did a c-section and I am way too tired. I just plucked my first tomato from my romas galore. Lots of tomatos...all green. The strawberries are wilting in the heat...and my zucchini....nothing but plant.

I think it is great that Harry is getting independent. Perfect!!

On sewing! Give me a call. There are products you can get to spur on her cross stitching. They are plastic cards and needles are plastic...and not sharp. You can use any scraps of yarn. My mom makes ornaments and such. So...if it can be done by my mother...Harry can do it. My mom is a tard with craft stuff. HAHA!! We should meet up for Lunch this week. I have some research days. I will bring the supplies for Miss Harry. LOl!! Let me know if you have spare time.

Miss you!

casso said...

Would love to meet up! That's the problem with gardening - still going out to do it even when you are SO SO tired. :o) We're heading up to Spotlight today I think to get the sewing stuff. I'm hoping Harry ends up a tad more crafty than I am!

JennieMo said...

Have fun at spotlight! If you ever want to spend a day crafting...just let me know...cause I love that stuff. I cross stitch and embroidery...and quilt. And kids are never too young. I was once told I was too little to do something crafty...and have not forgiven the woman to this day.

I have some really fun projects that we could do if she likes sewing with a needled and thread. We could make a doll very easily..with scrap fabric and a sock. Once she knows the basics...she might become a doll making machine. HAHA!!

I have a Saturday and Monday free. Just let me know if you want to meet up. We could do the doll making if Harry is up for it. HAHA!!