Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Harriet's New Wardrobe

Yay!! We just won this on ebay for Harriet's room. Having never bid for something that I really wanted before (and couldn't get elsewhere) we were so excited to get it. What nerds we are.

In other news Harriet said to me a few days ago: "Why is Ruby be-sest with pink?" It took a couple of puzzled looks and a little prodding, but I worked out that she was saying "obsessed". Ha! Made me laugh!

She also asked Papa all about why there were microphones on the drums on stage at Justine Clarke, and then asked why there were different types of microphones on them. Needless to say this type of observation made Jimbo a happy chappy.

In other news I am in love with The Dodos at the moment, I've listened to Visiter at least three times a day for the past few days. Awesome album.

Will post a photo of Harry's room when it all comes together soon. Her bed isn't in until Friday (grrr....).


Jimbo said...

Wow - that was quick! We only won that auction about 30 minutes ago!

A couple of clarifications and additions to Cass' post:

a) Harry also told me after the conversation with Cass "Ruby is obsessed with pink and I am obsessed with dolls" which was good to learn

b) If any of you are in Sydney and own a ute or a truck, and want to volunteer to help us move the wardrobe can you let us know? ;) I'm trying to work out how to get the wardrobe from it's current home to our home

LK said...

That's a gorgeous wardrobe! Can't wait to see the completed room! Oh by the way, you've just been tagged! ;)

Robyn Geering said...

great pickup Cass (sorry I don't have a ute and I don't live in Sydney LOL)

Great to read your blog, and all of Harriet's adventure. What a lucky baby girl she is to have such a talented Mum to document her life in words and images.

Brenda said...

I've been meaning to ask if you managed to get the wardrobe. So glad that you did - it's going to be a wonderful addition to Harry's room :D