Monday, June 30, 2008


We were driving past the Vet Faculty (as you do). The following conversation occurred:

That's where I went to university to learn how to be a vet Harry

What were the names of your teachers Mama?

(I rattled off a few names)

When I finish preschool I think I'll go to university too.

That sounds like a plan Harry.

Yes. I'm going to learn how to be a vet and then a baby doctor. But I'm going to preschool first remember.

Sure. Do you think you'll have fun at university?

Yep. But I'll need you to give me some money.

Oh. What will you need money for?

(short pause) Cat food.

Are you going to have cats do you think?

Of course I am Mama!

You could have your own money Harry. Then you could buy your own things.

Oh yes! I could have my own? Hmmmm ok!

The days are getting funnier and funnier over here.

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