Friday, June 20, 2008

"That's Not Very Fair" says the Baby Doctor

Today we were walking into the house after a lovely afternoon spent in the glorious winter sunshine with our AP group. We walked past a pot plant that we gave Jan and Mike but which they had to give back to us because quarantine laws disallowed people to enter WA with any plant material. Harry said "Why do Nana and Grandpa give us back that plant?". I said "The quarantine laws say they can't take it with them to Perth". "What is quarantine Mama?". I tell her that quarantine means that people aren't allowed to take new things in to Perth that might damage things already in Perth. She looked right up at me, horrified, and said "That's not very fair!". Gawd, she cracks me up!

This first photo shows her clutching her latest love - Andi. We were in a bit of a quandry in the toystore, with a choice between a medical kit or this doll being put on the line. Harry didn't just get a little upset about it, she seriously immediately got HYSTERICAL and started sobbing deeply, leaning on me to stand and completely inconsolable. When she could calm down enough to talk, she told me that she was upset because Andi was very sick and Harry was the only person who could help her, but she needed the medical kit to do it. Now this was in no way a method of manipulating me into buying both of these things, she just doesn't have the ability to think like that at the moment. She honestly, genuinely, believed what she was telling me and was completely distraught at not being able to look after this doll. So yes, she now has both the medical kit and Andi. And believe me, that medical kit is getting a workout like no other!

We received her acceptance into the school we wanted which is great news. What was even greater was our tax return that arrived at precisely the moment of her acceptance letter and perfectly covered her fees! Alright, go karma! It also managed to cover the cost of a much-needed car seat upgrade for Harry. Her eyes were up at the back of the car seat which was the indication that we needed to upgrade. We bought her the Maxi Rider and as soon as she sat in it we realised how small her previous one had been for her! It got a good test drive in the playroom for a day because it has little cup holders on either side that perfectly fit her drinking bottle and a little Tupperware container filled with banana chips/cashews, etc. And getting into it is a lot easier because it sits lower on the seat, so she can also see easier through the windscreen. It also means we can't see her as easily in the rearview mirror. This can cause a problem when there's an *urgent* need to look at what she's doing to Doll THAT INSTANT, or to lament over the latest booger explosion across her cheek and so on, but sometimes ignorance is bliss (at least until you can lean across and wipe that face).

One of the wonderful developments with Harriet lately is that she is just generally happy. If we tell her that something will take a few minutes we're not met with dismay or even screams of despair, she just says "Ok" and goes on with whatever it is she's doing. It's amazing! Harriet can do up her own buttons, make her own sandwiches, make infinite cups of tea (with her own special tea set *wink*), use a screwdriver, sweep the floor (well!), read a few words, tie a knot, take a mean photo with my phone camera (her composition is truly impressive), know mostly which stuff is recyclable (although we still get asked every time she goes to the bin "Is this ok for recycling bin Mama?"), and a whole slew of other things that on a daily basis remind me of how this little person is moving ever closer to being an independent individual.

And apparently this individual is on her way to medical school. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she tells you without hesitation "A baby doctor". It definitely ties in two of her latest fascinations, babies and medical equipment. I sat still for about five minutes the other day and ended up with three bandages tied over my hand. Apparently I had broken bones, so she also had to take my blood and send it to pathology. Now I really have to get some video of her saying pathology, it is so cute! However since neither of us want her to be a doctor, we're a little apprehensive about this latest turn of events.

On the weekend we went to Biennale at Cockatoo Island. Wow! Well the art was less than inspiring but the whole day was wonderful. The weather was deliriously beautiful - 20 degrees, bright sun, cool winds. I love these cold brisk winter days. Harriet was in fine form all day, and when we asked her what the best part of her day was, turns out that it was "My pretty rock". She found this rather large rock that she squatted down and sprinkled all sorts of different coloured sand all over it, then topped it with some various rocks. Her very own art installation! Obviously the environment was inspiring for her.

While each of us had a turn at going in to see the Mike Parr retrospective (it was for over-18s only), Harry had a go at rolling doll this hill. The only thing is that Harriet, not being the most physical of creatures, rolled at a less than optimal rate. In fact she rolled about as quickly as James stepped up to volunteer for WYD. This photo is incredibly deceptive, because she actually looks active. In fact she would have been in this position for well over twenty seconds. And then the slow unravelling of limbs and movement gave the impression of a small purple performance artist on the hill doing a wonderful impression of a child rolling down a hill...just in very slow motion for us all to watch and remember what it was like to be a child again.

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Melissa said...

Gosh she's adorable. Why don't you want her to be a dr?

I want to see her saying pathology.

One of Alexander's very favourite toys is his medical kit. He goes almost nowhere without his stethescope, and will stop almost anyone because he 'need to check your heart, so breathe, ok?'.