Tuesday, February 19, 2008


For a while now I've been contemplating what this blog is for. Sure, it's for documenting the brilliance that is Miss Harri-ret, but I have never used my other blog for the kind of contemplation and discussion that I thought I would. I have been thinking about expanding this a little into being more about just how I feel about things and the world around me, combining a personal blog with a Harriet blog. Now that her major milestones such as walking and talking have been met (and of course jumping, please people, let's not forget jumping!), I find that my relationship with Harry is more intertwined with how I aproach the world. Issues like us all being vegetarian, our parenting styles, etc. have repercussions that would seem to have a place on the blog. Am I recording for others to read, or am I writing for Harriet's memory or purely for expression of my own interests?

I think I'm moving towards writing posts both purely about Harry and other purely about the world around me and how I'm responding to it. Never fear, I will still be waxing lyrical about my daughter and what an amazing person she is.

Here in Melbourne I've realised that I couldn't live here, despite all the people that tell me how great Melbourne is. For one, it seems to have a really high proportion of smokers. Everyone seems to smoke and I'm constantly trying to zip past huge clouds of the stuff just walking down the street. Also it is apparently football crazy. Hmmmm......football and smoking, proably two of my least favourite activities. There are also a lot of shared cultural aspects of Perth (eg: the parochialism), and we've already left there. Having said that though, Melbourne is a really beautiful city. The streets are so clean, the footpaths are wide, the buildings themselves are gorgeous and it's a really easy city to get around (the number of cyclists here is fantastic). We're here until the end of the month and despite the heat for the last week, it's been really lovely. I'll post some photos once I get back to Sydney. I've heard some horror stories about PPing photos on a laptop and can't be bothered doing them twice!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! You don't know me, but I know you LOL. Long story, but I am an EB member, and have been reading your blog since you were pregnant! Have wanted to comment so many times - but didn't want to look like a stalker LOL. So I am 'coming out' (as anonymous hahaha). I think it's a fantastic idea - to use this blog for your thoughts, as well as updates on Harriet. Looking forward to those photos!

Sif said...

I think you also need to keep in mind that you've seen the inner city mostly (I'm assuming) and there is a lot more to Melbourne than just the inner city part.

Then again, I lived in Sydney for six months and hated it rofl, so maybe it is just the general atmosphere, and different atmospheres/climates/social structures suit different kinds of people!

I think incorporating your own thoughts on the world can only make this blog more interesting and more well rounded (coz it puts more about Harry into perspective too, I guess, finding out more about the people she is growing up with, the environment)...

Anonymous said...

I love catching up with you on this blog , it's lazy but easy to take a break from typing (working) etc to see where Harriet is at. I think it will be fabulous to get a bigger picture as to what's going on with you guys !!! Happy Happy See you when you get back to fabulous Syderney xx (ps you know I love Melbourne too )Lis