Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Need to Go to Bed

But before I do, I thought I'd share a couple of things Harriet has said recently:

* Getting out of the car this afternoon after we'd been mucking about in the parked car, Harriet asked Jimbo "Who undid my buckle?". James replied that it was him, to which Harriet said "Thank you Papa".

* We were doing some run-arounds in the supermarket to keep interest high and I (in mock seriousness) would say to Harriet "Don't chase me!" thengo speeding away with an hysterically laughing Harry running behind me. When I stopped and said (in mock stern voice) "Why are you chasing me?" she grabbed my leg, looked up at me very seriously and said "I have to chase you, because you're my Mama!".
* Just after the buckling in comment today, Harriet walked down into the hallway, out into the study here at the rear of the house and out of the blue just proclaimed, "What a beautiful home, Mama!". *priceless*
* I'm seriously going to have to get a little notepad and write down all this stuff, because this is just from the last 48hrs. A lot of stuff she's been saying is so adult. The other day she threw her book down on the floor in disgust, proclaiming loudly, "I can't read it Mama!". She did it again the next day but with even more anger and frustration - as if the ability to learn how to read should have materialised over the intervening period.
Will write more soon. Promise.


HipbubbyMama said...

hehe! She's so cute! She reminds me of Sienna, with a lot of the things she says. S too can sound like a mini adult, saying things like "Thank you mama for getting me milk, I love you my sweet little mum" Or dropping her at daycare "I will miss you for ever and ever mum. Have a nice day!" heehee. I love this age :) LOL

waytoblue/narelle said...

i love this entry, particularly because I can relate so well! You remember the cute and clevers things she says well though, i'm always forgetting! the photos in this entry are gorgeous!