Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Silly Monkey

We were in a shop looking for some Christmas presents (and furtively purchasing something for her) when Harry yelled out to me: "Mama, come and play this dollhouse with you". I replied with "Sorry Harriet, I'm just looking over in this aisle right now, I'll be there in a second". To which she shot back without missing a beat, "No Mama, that not your job. Your job is to play with ME, Mama! Your job NOT looking over there!".

I was telling this story to someone (can't remember who) that asked me "So what did you do?". I could only surmise that they don't read this blog, because of course I laughed my head off adn went over to play on the dollhouse with her, because she was right!

We don't really have a huge Christmas list or anything for Harriet. What we already haev we think will be too much for her to tell you the truth. We decided against buying the Duplo because she already has some blocks (just not very good ones and since they're second hand they're a bit all over the place and you can't build much with them). We're now placing bets for which presents will be the big hits of the morning. I'm betting on the doll bed, and James is guessing the Lily May book.

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