Saturday, October 27, 2007

Playing House

The weather was stunning today, so we did what most families did today. Absolutely nothing special at all. But of course those are the days that end up being so wonderful. It started with a lot of pruning in the backyard. By pruning I mean ripping out significant portions of the backyard, much to Harriet's delight. She helped us do lots of pruning (you can see in this first photo that her little hand is on the large garden shears to guide Papia's hand). Then whilst we broke down some of the larger parts of the plant, Harriet requested her own scissors (kiddy paper scissors) to cut off the leaves from the smaller branches. She was quite insistent on "Finish job Mamia, cutting leaves to help make garden nice for when people come over", even though we were trying to move along and go shopping at this stage.
Then it was out for a little shop, buying stuff for a bbq later today. We went for a drive to see a house that some friends are hopefully buying on Monday and then it was homeward bound, where we sat outside in our newly prned backyard. The mosquito coils were in overdrive (Harry is incredibly sensitive to mosquito bites) but it was pure heaven sitting out there drinking our beers (Harry downed hers pretty quickly), eating our burgers and licking the beetroot juice. Harriet has found a new love - baby beets! She kept asking for more and more baby beets and delighted in showing off her beetroot stained fingers.
I had to laugh though. In just the last entry I described how she scrubs down the chair at Montessori. Well today I was in the kitchen washing down her step (that allows her to stand up at the bench with us) and I stopped. I thought "What the hell am I doing?!", reached down, took the step outside and grabbed Harry's scrubbing brush and some water. She then spent a good twenty minutes scrubbing down her step and did a good sight better job than I could have done!
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