Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Miss Undies

Today was a huge day for Harry - get together at our place in the morning with babies and her favourite playmate Ruby (just realised they were all girls too!), then in the afternoon we went up to the Earthdance festival at Sydney Park. We didn't realise it was on but after a twnety minute kip whilst in arms Harry decided she was ready and rearing to go.

The funny thing about this toilet trained business is that all of her shorts now hang SO loosely on her. We bought her a belt but of course sometimes you need quick access to the undies! So easy elastic waisted shorts are the best option...until the elastic falls out! We were sitting in the chai tent (btw - Harriet drank about a quarter of my chai, she was greedily leanng forward for more and more sips which progressed to gulps and then she just had it in both hands and was downing it) and Harriet stood up and ran out...only to have her shorts end up around her ankles literally!

She thought it was truly hilarious and would pull them up for a bit, then run away and let them drop again. Rinse, repeat. And quite frankly when you've had a nappy on your whole life the idea of still being 'clothed' whilst in just a little pair of undies must be quite liberating.

She is also now almost night trained as well! In the past week she has only had one small wee in her nappy one morning. We're going to progress to pull up trainer pants for overnight this week probably.

Lots more to write about, her speech is awesome and she has started to express her emotions, use possessive contractions, definite articles but I am now writing this in the morning after being interrupted last night. So I better post this now or risk never doing it! Will be back soon.


Sif said...

We have this elastized belt we used for out boys (who were considerably older but both VERY skinny so no pants would stay on them once they were out of nappies), and it meant we could put the belt on in the morning and all day they could just pull their pants up and down without having to undo anything...

The belt was a size one, so maybe you could find something like that in a baby shop somewhere... I'd lend you ours, LOL, but I'm desperately hoping we get to use it this Summer (any chance Harry wants to chat with Bryn and tell him all the benefits of going to the toiley (as he calls it)???)...

casso said...

We've worked out which shorts fit now, but thanks for the offer! I think we could get away with the belt, we haven't had any accidents but I just didn't want to push my luck. We were just getting into the car today and she said she needed to "do poo mama!". She was able to hold on for the next 7mins until I got home so I am probably a little bit more anxious than I need to be! :o)

Oh she'll happily go to the toilet with an audience of any kind, never fear. We might be going down to Melbourne before Christmas so if we do we'll meet up for toileting demonstrations, ha!

Btw - glad to hear you got your wallet back, what a relief!