Friday, October 19, 2007

Cute Sayings

* Apparently everything can be removed with a "wet finger". Harry will see a mark on the floor or wall and say "wet finger", pop her finger in her mouth and then wipe it over the offending spot.

* "Come ON Mamia/Papia" - said with absolute impatience whilst waiting for Mama or Papa to drag their feet along (read: pick up the various assorted items left in Harry's wake)
* "Harry-ret [surname] Dora" is how she says her name. The funny order is because we taught her that her name is Harriet [surname] and then later on included the Dora, but the order that she learnt it is what sticks now.

* "wailing cry" - when she gets really upset (what others no doubt call 'tantrums'), Harry runs crying to the back glass door and bangs her hands on it as if to say "Let me outta here, these people are killing me!". Poor child, you'd think we deprived her daily.
* "ROCK! Look Mama, you doing rock now" - She says this when she almost gets the horns of Satan up and running, but really what she has is a pinky up, a thumb out and all the rest of them folded down.
* Pronouns are still a source of fun/confusion! She wet James in the bath and said "My shirt wet" (meaning his shirt was wet). It can make for some confusing moments especially with other people!

* " You want new one" - this is doled out pretty much whenever something has been used once or dropped on the floor. If you ask her where to acquire this new one the answer is invariably "shop". We're working hard on that consumerist issue.

* "shit" - said quite clearly when she is asking for her daily 'fish' (omega 3 capsule). She says 'f' as 'sh' all the time.

* "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Mmmm, yeah!" - this is something that needs to be heard rather than written, because it's a series of intonations that she and I do to each other that just makes her crack up laughing.
* "boybunny duck" - the name Harry has given to her little duck in the bath. The Mamabunny, boybunny phenomenon has been discussed in a previous post, and it resonates within every fibre of our existence, even progressing to making an in-bath appearance.

* "Mama coot", "Mama miss you lots yoga", "Papa miss you lots work" - awwww.....birds and butterflies dancing around our heads with the whimsy and love of it all. Yes Harriet says these things to us and we melt accordingly. Goddamn but she is adorable.

* "Good sleep" - Every morning when we come out into the study, James is sitting at the computer and Harry and I walk in. James asks me every morning "Good sleep last night?". Yesterday Harriet walked out, looked at James and before he could say anything, said very matter-of-factly "Good sleep" and kept on walking. It was classic!

* "Konnichi-ha" - this is how she says konnichiwa, it's very 'coot'.

* "Talk about someping" - When Harryret is sitting down on the toilet, in the bath, eating some food, she'll often ask you to engage in conversation with her in this fashion.

* "Just hanging around" - The answer given when I asked her what she was doing as she was leaning against the wall with her arm up and her ankles crossed.

We've had this list in the drafts section of here for a while now and almost forgot to post it!


cathryn said...

I love reading these cute things! I wish I could meet that sweet Miss Harry in real life. I'm sure Sariah would adore her.

I'm wondering how Mamia and Papia are pronounced. Is it MamEEa or more like Mam-ya? Is that a Harry thing or an Australian thing? It seems like she says boobia too, right? Does she just add that little ending to her favorite things?

casso said...

The pronunciation is more like "Mar-MEE-ah". And no it's not an Australian thing but yes, it is very much a Harriet thing! ;o)

I agree, I think Harry would love Sariah too! Hope she's doing ok with all of the changes though. :o(

Amanda K said...

Hi Cass,

I just went and had a quick look at your blog - you are right, she is incredibly gorgeous ;) I started reading (until Lilly woke up and demanded my attentions) and WOW she sounds SO clever for her age! Very impressive. I would love to photograph her for my book. I am not sure 100% where T. is - towards the city, I think? I am out near Bankstown. myself but happy to travel to you of course. I have been photographing the other models at a local park near here, but if you have something in mind close to you please just let me know. The other information I will need is what her approximate head size is, so I can make sure I have a hat knit up in her size. I will need to have the photos taken by mid November, and I can shoot on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so let me know your preference. It will probably be in about 2 weeks time if that works for you.

(P.s sorry for posting this on your blog, but lately I have had a lot of emails go 'missing' in cyber space. Just want to make sure that you do receive this).