Friday, August 03, 2007


Apologies for the lack of posts. Have been having a break from the computer, the internet and the people you can find on here. But thank you for worrying and sending me emails and phone calls, it's still surprising that you all want to read this drivel!

Have been away in Maitland and whilst away James liberated me from my mobile charger by taking it for a trip to Melbourne. This rendered me without phone or email/web access for a few days, a hitherto unknown world. So I'll be back online properly to fill you in on the life, loves and leaps in Harry's world. She's currently getting a huge upper molar in and has been a little flat (ie: not giggling like crazy all the time) for the past week. Nevertheless during my absence from the online world she has started singing her ABC song (with large gaps of course!), counting to four and understanding it, she did a wee on her potty today and she sings along with quite a few songs, as well as progressing to using lots of different sentence structures than before. She's all grown up!
Since most of you need to get back to reading your final Harry Potter book, I'll just leave you with what you come here to see - a photo of the most delightful child around. Will be back soon to write up properly.


lolly said...

I've been wondering where you were!

Girl About Town said...

Hi, I'm here via Essential Baby, just wanted to say how gorgeous your little one is!!! And her name just suits her perfectly - she looks like such a little 'harriet'!

PS: Harriet the Spy was my most favourite book in the world when I was about 11 years of age!!!

casso said...

Hey gat, you know what? Harriet the Spy was definitely a big factor in liking the name, it's such a cool book!

Anonymous said...

Harriet looks all grown up !! Can't wait to catch up xx Lis

michelle_tremain said...

And I thought something had happened to you. My days are a little bare without the Bloggs.