Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick Congratulations!

Well I am just about to head out the door when I realised that I hadn't made public my HUGE congratulations to all of my friends who have recently announced their pregnancies! I found out over five days that five of my friends are pregnant! As one or two of them are still keeping it a bit quiet I won't announce everyone by name here just yet, but suffice to say I am very excited for them - everything from first to third children are expected. We may get to offload some more baby stuff amongst them all and, even more exciting, I get to take some photos of glorious newborns (and then get to go home for sleep too!). YAY!

SO big belly hugs to all the beautiful, happy, expecting women out there.

Also a big welcome to the world for Mr Archie! Born feet first at home, his Mama is a true labouring champion!

As Harry would say - "Babies come out Mama's gi-nah". They sure do, Harriet.

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